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If blaming other people for our poor choices doesn’t add up, then blaming the systems, governments and institutions for the world’s current shit state is also bad math.

When we make “bad” choices in personal relationships, we find out the hard way – becoming entangled in constant disputes, we suffer abuses, injuries, disease and stresses, economic losses, break-ups, nasty legal stuff, we may even end up sick or in jail.

Same goes on a grand scale when we choose to work, vote, support and patronise, or try to outwit big businesses, governments and institutions that are fucking us over. It’s not their fault. The laws of supply and demand ensure that bastards are out there if we, in our selfishness, greed or ignorance want to be fucked over.

Our choice to stay in any relationship that’s tense, toxic or abusive is ours and the longer we stay without changing a thing, the more we have only ourselves to blame.

I’m hearing all kinds of conspiracy theories about what’s currently going on – that this virus is a ruse to drop the stock markets and take our money; that it’s a bioengineered weapon to take out the boomers; that it’s a strategy by the Chinese government to quell uprisings in Hong Kong; that it’s a chance to roll out 5G weaponised networks, etc…

Some or all of the above could be true.

But that we all knew years ago that this world is being run by psychopathic fucknuts is also true. We are being confined in little boxes that we can never really own, our efforts exploited and taxed like caged animals, our children pimped out from the age of 5 to a really defunct educational system and we are scrambling to pay for shit that we either don’t need or shouldn’t have to pay for (land, basic necessities, food, energy). Our entire economies are wrapped in non-recyclable plastics which ends up in our bodies as minuscule, carcinogenic particles.

Who’s to blame for the manufacture, marketing, purchase and consumption of that?

There may be a lot of conspiracies going around, but to me, none as mighty, obvious and true as the cluster of planets conspiring near the end of Capricorn. Whatever you may say is going on there, I call it nature, having her day with us.

I would never give exclusive credit for this (or any) disaster to any human or organisation. We’re just not that clever to have ’caused’ this level of pandemonium. Nature always has a hand in this – we are merely the instruments of execution to her timely cycles.

Even if the really clever ones, the inventors or the politicians who do get filthy rich are currently hiding in their apocalyptic bunkers right now. Good for them. They rest on the assurance that many of us most likely helped to put them there.

Many of us don’t know what’s going to happen, but looking at nature’s undeniable trends, I’m pretty sure that by the end of this year we would have had a bloody good chance to sit down and do our ‘relationship’ sums:
Something wasn’t adding up, ok, and we kept letting ourselves be cheated, lied to and abused by the very institutions that we helped to build. Heck, we even went along and tried to pull it over others. It was ‘the law’, ‘company policy’, ‘family tradition’, etc…

We chose to project our selective biases because it meant better personal welfare in the hierarchical 3D scheme of our, now crumbling, social structure.

Incidentally, the last time SATURN was conjunct to PLUTO was in the late degrees of Libra, on Nov 1982. In September of that year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) first coined the term AIDS to describe a new immune system disorder which appeared to affect mostly homosexual men. By the end of that year, AIDS cases would start to be reported in a number of European countries.

To date – according to the World Health Organization (WHO) – 32 million people died of HIV since the beginning of the epidemic – roughly 43% of the 74.9 million who had been infected by the AIDS virus. Of the 37.9 million people living with HIV today, 770,000 died in 2018 (last count).

Personally, I remember the outbreak. It happened in during my adolescence. I also remember the nasty rumours and mean conspiracy theories – that it was designed in a lab to “rid the world of gays” and other such callous, fear-mongering ignoranting.

I remember too how cruelly society marginalised its sufferers (and the whole gay community) – the stigma and outright persecution that went along with the whole thing, the quasi-religious, moralistic stance that people and groups took against the gay community at the time. Looking back now, it’s classic Saturn/Pluto brutality.

I only ever heard about the time Saturn met Pluto (13 Leo) in Aug 1947 -a time when the whole world was plagued by the global terror over the threat of ‘communism’. I lost a grandfather to this mania as he was wrongly suspected of being a ‘commie’, vilified, and beaten to death. Then, for many years later his family was vilified and excluded. As usual with Pluto transits, so much is hidden and so much more remains buried. Only the stigma and the trauma remains in our DNA (and our astrology). The body keeps the score, for the ages.

When Pluto transits happen, all the past sins, the daemons of the father become visited upon the sons and daughters of tomorrow. Our current crises (and the way we deal with them) are programming our children to behave in ways which are subconsciously toxic and destructive. It is nature’s way of completing massive cycles of growth and regeneration.

We can choose to become conscious and aware, but it will take a collective effort to investigate and resolve. Blaming, exploiting, projecting pain and hiding out are NOT sustainable solutions. Resolving trauma is now a global-sized task, and we are collectively called to step up and do the math together. Not with blame and persecution (scapegoating), but using all the power of our mature, adult senses…

Let’s work together, assist, or step aside and watch how others lead the way…

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