Age of Aquarius: Cosmic Bus Excerpt

Of course, the exciting thing about what’s going on during this earth-crumbling moment is that our economies will abruptly shift onto a more level playing field. Suddenly we realise that our medical staff and carers are equally as important as our take-out cooks, our grocery clerks and people who slave silently away in those vast distribution silos.

By the end of the year, we would have had a good chance to reconceptualise, trial, launch and implement our busy-ness into a whole new economic system, one that liberates the wealth and resources away from the insatiable plutocratic hoarder and redistributes it, introducing state-of-the-art solutions in nearly every field. Any business or style of government that manages to ‘survive’ this epic contest must be prepared to offer a whole range of new tech innovations…

Those who will ‘survive’ this devastating shift are those who are at least more tolerant of the danger of ideas. People are too caught up in a different survival mode, one which clutches, grabs, gobbles up for comfort and greed. That shit’s so old, it makes you stand out as a fool, leaves you lain open for abuse and threatens to turn you into dust.

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