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[art: jeanne mammen ~ Sphinx and Chimera]

We are heading into eclipse territory this July, which means that in under ten days we will observe another critical mass of human consciousness (☉) and instincts (☽) deciding where to align itself along the evolutionary axis of the moon’s nodes (☊/☋).

With Saturn/Pluto at the Capricorn South Node, an adverse tightening from obscure forces, doing their cunning best to deconstruct society and rebuild it; ‘persuade’ the world into adapting to their ‘system’, hypocritically promoting tighter authoritarian controls over the affairs of others whilst observing zero limitations over their own. They hope to hold things, not together but apart, employing antiquated, machiavellian means.

Will they succeed at their covert, cavalier efforts, or will humanity come to solve the riddle of who is in control and why they are so afraid to share their power?

In this article:

  • The Cancer Sun, and its eclipses this July (3, 17)
  • Lunar Occultations to Saturn & Pluto (Mar – Nov 2019)
  • The Sustained Mercury/Mars conjunction (Jun 17 – Jul 9)
  • Averting our descent into the pitfalls of the Capricorn South Node
  • The disturbing rise of the suppression of truth in the Information Age
  • How to declare your own, personal peace treaty and emancipate yourself from any oppression.

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