May 18 – FULL MOON in SCORPIO – A sudden change of heart on matters…

As usual, Full Moons present us with a wonderful opportunity to see our most pressing matters with an utmost level of awareness. More than any other, this Scorpio Full Moon exposes our feelings, betraying our highly volatile emotional nature towards things we hold of value in our lives. The Taurus Sun, like his ruler Venus, charges our earthy values with immense levels of Uranian resistance, desire for freedom, radical changes and a revolutionary spirit.

Emotional ties, especially the manipulative kind, start to pull on us, asking us to make concessions to their demands. Resources are limited, and unless there is a healthy compromise, effects could be drastic, even painful.

If some things will work for us, we must now be prepared to take a more progressive approach to having, sharing and conserving their inherent worth to us. If some things have to go because they’ve sadly outserved their stay, then let’s see them out respectfully. It can be an extremely emotional time, so best to do it mindfully and compassionately, to spare any tears.

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Aries/Aries Rising
“…Now’s the time to come eye to eye with what’s important in your encounters with others. This means, evaluating what is of substance between you and those people that you deal with most intimately….”

Taurus/Taurus Rising
“…you might be delighted to discover that you are quite stimulated by a decent contender, someone who can look you in the eyes, call you out at your game…”

Gemini/Gemini Rising
“…it’s now time to ask whether your noble sacrifice is actually really helping someone or simply serving as a crutch of support which not only continues to render them incapable of helping themselves…”

Cancer/Cancer Rising
“…It is in your fierce conviction that with steady determination, the universe will bless you with a wealth of resources to help you achieve your goals….”

Leo/Leo Rising
“…home security, family, or property matter that’s desperately trying to grab your complete attention at this time. Solve this problem and be at peace…”

Virgo/Virgo Rising
“…If something in you needs to change, deal with it in a constructive, non-personal way – don’t feel wounded – feel like the truth is just a catalyst …”

Libra/Libra Rising
“…it might feel as though it’s difficult to get a balanced perspective on the give-and-take that’s required here, and it may of course appear like you’re making all the sacrifices and getting little in return….”

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
“…You will feel most accepted, loved and appreciated by coming together with someone who, at this present moment, values the same exciting things about you and accepts them with earnest gratitude and grace…..”

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
“…Become truly independent of the approval of others by investing more in your greatest asset – your exemplary skill to take, evaluate and appraise true worth at its most deep, spiritual level…”

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
“…people say they need freedom but they don’t really want it, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility…..”

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
“…Is the future really all about you? Self-righteousness can be another form of spiritual egocentricity. It’s value only thrives under certain conditions. Being right implies that others are wrong, and you cannot find peace in trying to fight for that cause….”

Pisces/Pisces Rising
“…You can’t weasel out with lies and deception, or pretend the whole arrangement never took place at all. You must stand by your commitment…”

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