CHIRON AT THE ARIES POINT: From Victim to Warrior

[image: Marcin Nagraba]

See? Just like that, CHIRON went from 29° Pisces into 0° Aries (Monday Feb 18,  2019) and suddenly society (me and you) has all switched. We’ve gone from giving our miserly, conditional sympathy for its bleeding-hearted ‘victims’ to what will soon become nothing but a contemptuous disdain for the whole ‘victimhood chic’.

Or, at least it looks that way to Chiron… now in Aries.

Chiron, a planetoid between Saturn and Uranus, essentially acts as a transmitter of pure insights between the ordinary (terrestrial) and extraordinary (extra-terrestrial) worlds. He appears as a shamanic healer, maverick priest, master of ceremonies, someone who serves to connect us to the divine source of our karmic pain. Whether through his gift of prophecy, rite-of-passage ceremony, healing practices, wise teachings, he seeks to bring us greater understanding, assuaging us from the pain of initiation and transition, as though he’s ferrying us from one side of the river to another.

We’re shifting from a ‘victim/martyr’ story to the ‘warrior/lone fighter’ archetype. Prepare to stand up and fight for yourself, any and every time. Few (very few) will need you to fight for them. Few (very few) will not know that they can heal their own battle wounds.

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