Horoscope: FULL MOON at 01°13′ TAURUS: Wednesday October 24, 2018, 16:46 UTC

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The SUN’s entry into Scorpio shines a deeply penetrating awareness onto our most unconscious parts, as fully reflected by the usually placid and mild Taurus MOON. However, her conjunction to electrifying URANUS evokes a most abrupt, unpredictable, earth-shattering reaction.

URANUS’ progressive, yet unruly influence upon the otherwise staid and conservative Taurus Moon jolts her out of sorts. Like a bull at a gate, she revoltingly refuses any further prodding intrusions to her peace, and where her inner life was once a safe, stable environment filled with the promise of prosperity and personal contentment, her mood is oh-so-different now.

Holy cow… with one last poke of the hot spike, moods are about to shift hard, and very erratically. It’s as if she (our nurturing, caring earth-mother) has reached the limits of her patience and tolerance with our trying to control her, and when she finally senses that the things she loved and valued come under threat of being taken away she will not take it without making a manic bull run.

How would you feel if someone not only disrespected your most prized valuables but showed no signs of relenting?

What would you do? Would you react like mad, or is there a higher, more reasonable way?

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