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It is not possible to open any planetary update these days without first paying due respect to the phenomenal outer forces impacting our earth at the moment. Most pertinently, the activity going on between URANUS  and NEPTUNE – the extraterrestrial rulers of the quantum field, whose sustained semi-square trickles through in bits and bursts over these few years (2017-2020). Whilst the effect is subtle as it is cataclysmic, the purpose is to break down our sense of order and normality, doing so with unforeseen geo-cosmic, environmental, political and psycho-spiritual phenomena – events that promises to irrevocably upturn and disturb our lives in ways we could not imagine….

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Becoming partile again through June (exact on the 16th), and as it did in its first, sustained period between Aug-Oct 2017, this aspect ushers through an unsettlingly surreal, supernatural instalment of some of the most insanely hallucinatory episodes of the 21st century (so far). Whilst its unexpected clamour can induce a dizzying, sickeningly woozy month for those who are even slightly dissociated from their sense of groundedness and presence, this aspects also promises some wonderfully profound insights for those who can tune into the quantum field and focus keeping their energy on the power of the present moment.

This dynamic, soul-shifting energy is administered through Chiron’s  semisextile to Uranus (the self-help guru), and with both (/Ch) ‘planets’ now ingressed into brand new signs, any spiritual teachings are gently spruiked throughout the wide spectrum of human forums, through an similarly sustained trine from Jupiter to Neptune(mystic maestro). In all the media outlets, our higher schools and public sermons, this month’s intense dosage of  wizardry both assaults and assists our nervous systems by sardonically bitchslapping humanity into entertaining the many exciting variations and permutations of ‘reality’. Consider this a forced awakening to the infinite multitude of possible alternatives in ‘living’. By subtly zapping us further away from the classic ‘linear-timeline’ model the  nudges us closer towards accessing our ‘supernatural’ brain and its limitless connection to the quantum field.

Whether it’s through psychedelics, psychonautics or those darned psychopathics, this is NOT month to let your freak-flag fly at half-mast. You better believe the unbelievable because on some level you called it in (yes, on some level you did – don’t deny it). By the time we come out of the rabbit hole (some time in July) we will be ready to fly tail first and backwards through the epochal triple-Eclipse period…

Of course, with a in the wire, whether the amazing insights are achieved using some alternative meditation techniques, a wacky new medication or via someone’s ‘leftist’ or ‘righteous’-minded politics is another matter altogether. Be mindful of the false guru, the druggie-pimp, the insta-witches and the dime-store charlatan revolutionaries… Be mindful of everybody, and refrain from selling the farm in exchange for the new ‘dope’…

It is important to observe that the effect upon our individual consciousness is occurring at a purely electro-magnetical level (at a far greater resonant frequency than that of the physical or chemical matter). ‘Taught’ to us by the Chiron , our ‘ultra-sensory receptors’, or ‘psychic antennae’ are being attuned to maverick-style breakthroughs and techniques to access the higher, quantum mind. Only through an irreverence for any established forms can we drop the ‘conditional, 3D mind’ to access the  mythical truths that lie ‘beyond the pale’.

How successfully we can tap into and then integrate these unforeseen insights in our lives depends on how mindful we are about their practical application in changing our own lives. Eureka moments can help deliver great healing rewards, but if improperly handled, may cause mind-distorting consequences.  It is imperative that we stay grounded, associating with those whose sole purpose is to guide us through, not exploit us. Dramas, confusion and some degree of emotional disarray could throw our poise and composure of balance and leave us feeling further dissociated, lonely or spiritually unconscious. If that needs to happen, then there is a lesson there for those people, but it may takes years for them to come to…

In any sense, this month sees more evidence mounting that what once might have constituted our presupposed and accustomed sense of ‘normality’; this earth’s most trusted institutions and finest establishments now receiving ever more frequent and damaging blows, to the point where just about everything ‘respectable’ starts to lose credibility for all but the dimmest, most unscrupulous and wilfully deceptive of individuals. These will continue to be played; or play one another on the most infracted and defrayed levels of fear, guilt-coercion and political correctness.

Something phenomenal is happening. There is a reason why we are failing to see sovereignty and honour in nearly everything but the most natural of beings. There is a reason why we are becoming so easily disillusioned in everyone but those closest to nature. 

Due to his retrograde on June 26, MARS’ extended stay in AQUARIUS sees the militant ‘reform activist’ hovering dangerously over the SOUTH NODE for the entire month. The classic perils and pitfalls of aligning our flimsy egos with group-identity politics (tribe/gender/sexuality/minority etc.) in typically pushy style sparks an ideological swing towards the more extreme ends of the cultural and moralistic pendulum.

Mars also forms a crucial midpoint ( /), which poses an inability for many to see the legal, moral and ethical ramifications of launching into radically divisive and revolutionary activities. Due to the Gemini Sun, later moving into Cancer, flimsy ideas are easily turned into hard feelings and bitter misunderstandings. Again, there is a reason why the 3D operatives in some ego-infested utopia are not getting their wins in the usually world of politics and facetious nonsense. Also, not a very comforting transit to be occurring in the midst of an International World Cup football tournament, held in perhaps the most notorious countries lately (Russia).

Therefore, the warning we take is to proceed in such a way that we have taken many things into account, which is difficult unless we can access the higher, more etheric, non-judgemental, compassionate mind. Mostly we will see a dogmatic, polemic assertion or defence of one’s stubborn beliefs over others in a strange attempt to ‘connect’ with them and in forced attempt to expand the base of supporters.

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Meanwhile, the soul-jolting URANUS/NEPTUNE works its techno-psycho tricks to shuttle, not just our individual, but our collective consciousness into the spaced-out realms of outer, outer space. Critical dates in June for this are 6th, 15th and 30th, all coinciding with phases of the lunation cycle. I will have more on this during the week with my Third-Quarter and New Moon (lunation) report.

By slowly lifting the veils on the existing ‘spiritual hierarchy’, we are coming closer to seeing the sheer inadequacy of all existing paradigms that have ill-served our kind. Those one-sided, divisive doctrines and limiting policies dictated to us by the crumbling institutions and constitutions of our past are becoming exposed as being riddled with self-serving corruption, lies and cover-ups and thus patently useless. Economic collapse, political collapse, religious collapse, environmental collapse, academic & educational collapse, healthcare & medical collapse, law enforcement & military collapse, journalistic & media collapse, arts & entertainment collapse… scientific collapse…

It all starts to fail in spectacularly epic proportions. With this we, as individuals start to relinquish our trust and subservience to any exterior (physical) system that has failed to grow and evolve with us. Meanwhile, we become internally connected to one another through the collective consciousness (one mind). How does this happen?

It’s a wonderful, very intriguing story, and I’m glad you’re here because we shall continue telling it in greater intricacy, as we have an amazing month of June… Blessings xx

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