THE USHERING of a new ‘TIME’ on planet earth

[pic: Mark Hunter]

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In the shadow of February’s post-eclipse zunk, a mysterious rejigging of our human perceptivity system is occurring. This subtle refinement process is gradually dissolving away our intellectual illusions – those precious-held beliefs in our minds, held in place by our fragile earth-bound egos.

Many of us are sensing the dawning of a whole new ‘time‘. The “New Earth”, promised by mystics and prophets is now unfolding before our eyes. However, as can be understood, this transition from masculine to feminine does not come in a settling manner…..

It is now up to us to acquiesce the powerful, deeply focusing effects that are slowly being ushered through onto this planet by a distinctly unique forces of neo-cosmic energy. Perceived as subtle, but illuminating lights, their effects are to dismantle division, anguish and separation among us and to restore unity on this planet.

On the 3D surface things may look wild and unsteady. Personally your life may be experiencing much disarray. At the core of things, however, much is starting to occur between us on this planet. In fact, to spite all the chaos, drama and dissent of mundane life, we are somehow assisting in this process of unification.

Through our recent and up-coming conflicts, we gradually become aware how these light energies are being gently filtered through to us via the stellar bodies (planets, asteroids, luminaries) in our collective consciousness. These then play out through our bodies; our personalities and personages in our immediate world, like some great, divine drama.

In a glorious sense, we are invited to partake.

However we choose to act (whichever role we wish to play) determines just how much fun or grief we have in this.

Our increasing awareness of this new influx of ‘Spirit or Christed light’, hosted to us here by our SUN’s closing conjunction to CHIRON (March 15) starts to gradually awaken our sensory systems to much higher overtones of consciousness. As these extraordinary light beams start to reach our earth via the harmonic, modulating effects of planets & asteroids in our Solar system, we become treated to greater clues into a deeper, more meaningful understanding of our great cosmic experience here as humans.

More on this topic as I discuss the VIRGO FULL MOON, which aligns against the SUN, CHIRON and asteroid PALLAS ATHENA, all sourcing light from stars like Markab at 23°39′ (in the constellation of Pegasus). New mental powers become available to replace the redundant units we are used to.

Also significantly, in these weeks, asteroid VESTA creates a cardinal grand cross with JUPTER/URANUS/PLUTO.

[art: Casey-Weldon]
Astrologically, VESTA is the goddess of devotion to the hearth (sacred altar where Spirit flame is held), and of loyal servitude to men – particularly those returned warriors suffering from the traumatic effects of battle. Vesta’s primal commitment is to ‘keep the homefires burning’, as well as to offering her feminine sexual powers to carnally nourish and regenerate men back into everyday society.

Due to her retrograde period, she will spend over a quarter of her 4-year orbit in the constellation of Cancer. Vesta in Cancer suggests that our innate sense of spiritual devotion will draw much of its inspiration from feelings of being ‘needed’, especially from family members and close ones. By extending our dutiful care and nurturance towards family/tribe members, we are able to tap into deeper, more spiritually nourishing feelings of commitment. Vesta entered Cancer on July 29, 2016 and will fully exit into Leo on May 4, 2017. Those who strongly align with Vesta, either by having her prominent in their chart, or through this transit will observe how they have somehow opened up their home/heart to care for the wounded masculine archetype.

Note how all this comes into ploy during a time where many are feeling increasingly hypersensitive to issues around the expression of our sexuality, gender division and the obtuse instances of misogyny and sexism that frequently arise from our patrilineal cultures. In many cases, there is an increasing need for many to withdraw in order to protect themselves from the emotional abrasiveness under which they are exposed. As Vesta T-squared the Jupiter/Uranus opposition (Feb 15) , then later headed to T-square Uranus/Pluto (Feb 26-Mar 27) a critical phenomenon occurred. Excessive neediness began to pervade all humanity. Those playing into the lower-dimensional (3D) constraints of fear and conditional love, will have experienced this as great paranoia and hyper-insecurities surfacing. This coincided with the PISCES SOLAR ECLIPSE, which marked a critical HIGHLIGHT point in humanity’s current incapacity to collectively express compassion and empathy.

An awareness of our duality and division became bothersome and concerning to many.

VESTA locks into a Cardinal Grand Cross between March 15-20. During this time she strongly accentuates widespread difficulties faced in humanity’s struggle to develop a practical, grounded approach to demonstrating empathy and compassion. Here are some of her critical activities over the next 3 weeks:

Pluto opposed Vesta 20°08
(exact Sep 3, 2016, stationing within 2°orb, Mar 8′)
The focus on deep, transformative experiences and pursuit of personal power goes against everything that we hold most sacred, leaving us in a situation that feels all but impossible to resolve. Expression of sexuality and gender-defined power structures can become the core issue. We must delve deeply into our collective psyche and age-old taboos in order to work out the root cause before we can truly determine what is right for us as individuals. Some sacrifices may be necessary, especially around relinquishing the patrilineal influences. These may not occur without some demonisation and condemnation of those who are seen to be abusers, particularly of those who use sex/abstinence as ways to restore spiritual health.

Jupiter square Vesta 20°39′
(exact Feb 7, Mar 18)
Meanwhile, the dilemma between the political and cultural norms, particularly around gender roles/sexual freedom can create a radical divergence when pressed too arrogantly of forth-righteously. Of course, those who sanctimoniously preach ‘correctness’ or fanatically embrace any views/beliefs that contradict others’ sexuality only create further alienation or push the debate beyond standard limits. A touchy time for women’s rights.

Uranus square Vesta 24°19′
(exact Feb 14, Apr 11)
Here, the need for unhampered exploration and experimentation creates a dilemma that tests precious spiritual ideals. Again sexuality is the core theme: sacrificing our sex, our celibacy, for the sake a radical self-expression. Precious boundaries may be shattered. This becomes the core of one of the strangest dynamics, since the tendency may be to rebel, either by zealous engagement of sex as an instrument/weapon for rebellion, or the demonstration of resistance by application of abstinence or chastity. For those affected, it’s advisable to find a way to express both the need for freedom and spiritual devotion – very tricky, yet manageable if one exercises the ability to tune into the 4D plane of poignant fresh ideas. Otherwise, this dynamic is sure to create much tension.

This is the final time that URANUS & PLUTO would effectively come so close to forming an exact square again (03°S02′). After a series of conflicts between these two outer planets (2012-15) has literally turned the power core of our entire world upside down, the interception by the JUPITER/VESTA square creates a deeply centred focus through the higher chakras (higher body energy centres), awakening humanity to a new application of sexual energy, liquid light and understanding of the whole death and reincarnation cycle.

I will discuss these deeper as I go, but as we can see here, so much information is coming through. I hope you guys are able to follow some of this. It’s indeed a phenomenal time, and I’m sure you are aligning closer to your own inner core as you experience the tremendous shifts occurring on our own, dear planet.

Please feel free to contact me for a private session if you need some assistance trying to make practical sense out of all this in your personal lives (

My next instalment will be the FULL MOON STORY. As you can see by the above chart, it’s pretty epic …

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