The Sol Journey: Sol in Aries

From the unfathomable vastness of all Piscean infinity…
its endless seas of inestimable stars… galaxies… multiverses of the higher-dimensional kind, of sacred heavens, god and spirit, now emerges….


[image – Jukka-Alasaari]
As if awoken from a vague and groggy dream, one so inextricably intermeshed with all the swirling entanglements of his mysteriously subdued subconscious mind, Sol can now hardly recollect a single detail about his time in Pisces. “What the crivvens was that?”, he stirs unto himself.

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It was to be, as blissful and deep as it became, that at the deepest depths of Pisces the ocean seas had nearly drowned our Sol and brought him inches from his total dissolution with the heavens (and beyond). His light was nearly drowned out. And though euphoric and indeed most feeling like he was connected to all that is… what good would that do for his mission if he just simply disappeared into the mystic world of dreamery?

In an instant, our Hero snaps into a blinding flash of waking consciousness. Yet, it is with a bewilderingly fresh sense of new identity – a kind of amnesic dissonance to the person he was, or might have been, just only yesterday…

Sitting up, he looks all around to find himself washed hopelessly upon a virgin shore – a desolate beach whose sands behind him stretch as far as his eye can see. Windswept and naked, he is agog to find himself so much alone and in sharp contrast to his feeling lost in the Pisces sea of stars, here in Aries he becomes nearly blinded by the light which emanates out of him.

He observes his own breathing. It is so precious. Like holding communion with a dear friend. And he observes his body too. This is him. This is where it all begins and ends – with this body. Beyond this body, there is nothing –  everything seems quite foreign and so strange. He recognises nothing as familiar – it all seems alien and hostile.

He tries to stand up, coming into his own strength again. As he attempts to take his first step on that hot, bright, sandy ground he stumbles slightly.
He laughs to himself.
Regaining some composure, again he begins to walk…
How amazing. To feel again that he is in control of his own direction! He struggles to recall the recent maelstrom through the powerfully dizzying sea-currents of Pisces, which found him lost and disempowered. Whilst he found peace and wonderment in the divine galactic seas, he did not enjoy being an indifferent entity amongst a whole ocean of indifferent entities. Not did he appreciate not being in command of his own direction.

Here in Aries, despite his complete feeling of separateness, Sol feels strangely re-empowered in the simplest terms. If nothing else, he feels he has his own will restored back to him.

At once he is exultant in this simple ability to be in control of his own movement –  he cries out loud in the most spirited, most resonating primal scream… a holler that is hardly heard but by his own ears.
Then he starts to move,
first walking,
then running,
faster and faster,
leaping across the sands,
feeling the lightness of his being,
celebrating the wonder of just simply being alive.
He feels his racing heart pounding inside of him, pumping his life-force through his veins, and all at once begins to sense his spirit shimmering again, in full resplendent glowing glory.

Only this time he seems all alone. Completely solo.

He is a Hero unto himself alone. And basks in knowing that in this aloneness is his greatest strength.

Marooned in a place which seems deserted, he wonders how he will survive.
There are no trees, not even a blade of grass in sight.
The earth seems barren, flat and parched, without a sign of any other soul around. Just him. Alone. In all his glowing glory…

Yet he is hungry, and must find something… anything to eat.

As he looks back into the sea that spat him out, he sees some fish swimming about. Yet his attempts to catch any of these with his bare hands are futile. His intuition tells him to be more daring and resourceful with himself. Before long he find things that he can throw – first stones, then sticks, then a long splint of wood marooned much further along the beach, perhaps a fragment of his raft which is sharp enough to use as spear. After many repeated efforts of throwing, flicking, both at near and long range, again and again, he perfects his style and manages to catch not just one, but several fish.

Gathering up more bits of wood – the dross of ‘fortune’ that abounds from all the toil and efforts of his earnest work, he recedes back into drier land. Beneath his feet he finds two dry stones to strike together, and after much positive focus and persistent force, Sol manages to spark up enough heat to light his first fire.
It is a true miracle that emanates from his own igniting nature. Through his own self-willed verve, his raw spirit and single-pointed focus and audacity he has manifested all this – a veritable feast out of seemingly nothing.

Sol becomes invigorated with this realisation: that just with enough self-application – independent of others, and certainly with the scantest resources, he has managed to survive. For now…

…and that is a fine start.

As his daily light begins to dim he feels exhausted. Yet his self-accompanying fire continues to burn within him as the night sky now starts to enshroud him.

And he begins to see now, most distinctly.
Millions of other loner stars are out there, just like him.
He feels a little heat arise inside of him.
A rival fury and contention to compete.
He senses those who would perhaps be brighter,
and those that would be dimmer than him too.
He realises whilst he is alone within himself,
That late at night, when he is tired or weak or out of view,
That he must contend with the many other Sols, just like him,
whose shining light stands to inspire the earth and steal her moon.
And so, in Aries, Sol resolves to rest well,
intent to to wake again and to show the world and sundry
in full uncompromising glory who,
above all else is closest and most fiercely,
without a doubt the closest and the brightest star of all…


© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic
Ang Stoic is an astrologer/writer for andThe Cosmic Dancer’ based in Melbourne Australia.


  1. okay this is beyond amazing

  2. As I go through life, I note my lessons in metaphoric terms for myself. And then, later, I read the next chapter of this story, and every time it’s like I’ve already read it before.

  3. I am at awe,
    Reading your talented way of expression

  4. Oh yes,! That is totally me! After years of misleading and (fake illusions, and misunderstood communications well, maybe involving my little ago and wants as well) (thanks Neptune by the way ) I am came out of it barely alive but gaining strength in my new world and knowing that the only person I can rely on in trouble , my only trustworthy friend is me…..(I am not being an egoist , I am being realistic…thanks Saturn…)

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