For the past three months, our earth has been caught in the crossfire of a dramatic duel between the politically expansive efforts of Jupiter and the irksomely disruptive forces of Uranus. Spanning from December 26, when the two clashed together in what would be the first of three exact conflicts, to their second exact hit on March 3, these two explosive planets remained in tight opposition for over 10 weeks. This was due to Jupiter’s slowing to retrograde on Feb 6, so to say we have not felt the effects of this transit would almost be laughable in itself.

Astrologically, Jupiter signifies our desire to make sense of our world. His planetary influence seeks to integrate our seemingly random ideas and experiences into a ‘school of thought’ that in some personal way benefits our social cohesion and expedites our worldly journey forward. By giving us the bigger picture, we feel connected to some larger system, feel welcome and accepted into society, optimistic about our chances, more able to merge our own plans and schemes with those of the greater world. This ‘attitude’ or ‘outlook’ then generates opportunities for growth and prosperity. Naturally, the more we think we know, the more we feel we are in the right place, saying the right thing, at the right time.

Contrary to that, Uranus signifies our intuitive urge to say “f*ck you and your righteousness. I have other ideas altogether”.

As we may have witnessed, this opposition has produced both shocking and delightfully liberating instances, often where something has served as an affront upon our most consecrated principles, morals, ideologies and ‘truths’. I say ‘delightfully liberating’ because, although upsettingly offensive to the ego, the spirit cares little for any religious belief that does not align with one’s inner truth. In that sense, many of us are getting our asses kicked lately.

What we have seen playing out among us since mid-December has been nothing less than a sustained ass-kicking to radically challenge strongly-held opinions – a veritable volley of righteous attitudes and over-intellectualised rebuttals; wild, recalcitrant, indignant agitation, public and discretely private protests; wide-eyed judicious actions trying to resist strange, self-centred forces that seem almost hell-bent on introducing vapid, hasty, thoughtless changes to any existing conceptions or constitutions of a more cohesive bigger picture.

Yet little can stop Uranean energy. The harbinger of disruption has spent the last several years sharpening his axe on Pluto in Capricorn. It seems the underbelly of the patrilineal powerbase is fast coming undone, exposed and now gradually being disemboweled. As Jupiter now heads for the waning Uranus/Pluto midpoint (exact mid- March), a certain fearlessness and reckless irreverence takes complete hold.

Those who are vibing with this are seeing this as a time to make executive changes in their whole entire attitude. The rest will just go around shaking their heads wondering what’s to come of this.

The incessant absurdity that has now become daily fare across all channels of propaganda not only becomes the new level of ‘reality’, it starts to reach mass saturation. The universe is insidiously doing its magic to corrupt and destroy any notions of duality and differences between us. Again and again, we are caught up in obstinate confrontations with those intent to diabolically refute or dispute our blessed standpoints and sanctified convictions. Again and again we are forced to either amend our attitudes, attenuate our judgements or see them being torn apart at the seams.

Sure, we can protest and carry on. However, this is not doing anything but playing into the drama.

Why does it seem as though our trusted faith and belief systems are smashed to smithereens now..?
Who and what is left to trust and believe in?
Do we even believe the things we say ourselves, or teach our children?

Not likely.

Our holy cows and sacred oaths have become seriously under question now. Many have become exposed as merely half-baked intellectual illusions. This relentless revolt is serving only to move us out of our ideological comfort zones. Our systems of faith – be they moral, religious, socio-political, legal or cultural etc. are in desperate need of review and upgrading.

Notice any gaping holes in your system? Then your system is running on the old operating system of duality and separation. If this is really tearing you up right now then you are stuck with some outdated 3D software, running on scripts so terribly corrupted that this next month is going to be excruciatingly dramatic for you.

It’s a message from the heavens…. [continued here…..]

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