Full Horoscope Readings – VENUS on the South NODE

In the next few days, the forces of attraction will have intensified to extraordinary levels. These are not your usual powers of magnetism. In fact, they have been building for weeks. They come as a most intense desire to connect to others who feel like they are very much like us. We feel an irrepressible urge to be with them, that they might possibly have an effect upon the evolution of our capacity to give and receive love, as well as how we can appreciate the entirety of our life experience most fully.

Our connection to others may seem strong, but if we are not already strong within ourselves these might only serve to highlight our inadequacies and inconsistencies. What may begin as a lovely, peaceful feeling of kindred spirits, could easily descend into a disquietude over little things. Things that we find difficult to get over.

Since the Venus/S.Node conjunction sits on the Uranus/Pluto midpoint any expression of love (even elusive or unrequited) may be expressed in way that deeply activate and subconscious ways, with the overall effect being to shake us out of any conventional patterns and jolt us into discovering our truest sense of affection and what it is we actually love, rather than those things that we have been told are good for us.

In any case, this phenomenal shift will underscore any dramas and inconsistencies in even the most ‘fated’ romances and separate the makers from the fakers. In this we may come to realise that we are somehow involved with those whose underlying purpose is rooted in laziness and secretly contrived efforts for comfort, security and status (at our expense).
The forces to fuse will be very strong through these most turbulent and unsettling times. Any decision based on lower, self-indulgent vibrations may cast us into an immediate contract with our darkness. Also, there are invisible forces that have their own interests in mind, perhaps acting from pernicious intent, seen as jealousy, spite or envy, who may attempt anything to sabotage any union, even if it aims to serve a higher cause.
The course of action is rather particular, to each of us but the objective – whatever happens – must be to realise the limitations in our capacity to love (around our fears), whilst seeking to love more genuinely and deeply, without ulterior motives based on insecurities.
An important episode in our evolution to find rest, calmness and peace in our lives is about to take place.
How does this transit play out for you?

Aries/Aries Rising

More than anyone else, you are being pressed to concentrate on your current life issues, particularly around forming relationships and love interests that may dissuade you from following the pure spirit light. To make a fresh start, you must consciously purge whatever is keeping in the past, avoiding indulgences into any escape from reality by depending on confusing love-interests, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, drugs or self-delusions. These will only keep you from your goals and isolate you from the outer world. You must be most careful not to become dependent on any kind of medicine, especially anything that can have an effect on your psyche. Even prescription drugs that have a psychotropic effect upon your mind can alter your consciousness. If you must deal with any psychological difficulties, it is best to stay clean from substances, or relationships who come into your life just to give you a “fix”.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

This is a hot opportunity for you to reconsider your priorities in life. What is it that you really yearn for in love? What is it that makes you afraid of expressing yourself in creative ways? Why are you trying to hide among your affiliation to a group when you can excel in something more individual, more personal? Is it somehow connected with your self-confidence? Somewhere there is a fear of falling in love, or of dealing with children as a spiritually guiding force. Yet, your destiny has been particularly calling you in that direction – that is maybe your karmic duty to focus on your individual self-love, children, or that much neglected inner child. Be wary of losing yourself too much in the pursuits of your society, or your social network. Although the pull is strong and maybe sweet, any ill-conceived actions – especially based on compulsions – may set your personal, spiritual evolution back further than you think.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Your quest for power, prominence or fame might seem enticingly sweet to fulfill, yet what your soul really needs most right now is a quiet simple life. Success is not always dwelling in glory, and it is better to let such dreams collapse as they can only lead you towards vanity and emptiness. You need to ask yourself what is it that you really yearn for? What is it that makes you shudder away from tending to your most innermost ancestral traits? Could be just an anxious dedication to progress through work or career. Do you really need to achieve such goals out there? Are you even sure that you can? Is the sacrifice the of having a family, and the blessings this could give you just too much to take on? Consider your domestic needs before pursuing a career move carefully.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

You may have to abandon any plans of expanding life towards distant countries, pushing instead to find the beauty of life in the little things that are already present around you. Focus on discovering places that are closer to home through short trips, dedicating time to siblings and neighbors while also finding a hobby or a craft that can become your personal dedication. Try writing, or expressing yourself with words and ideas, but do this for you – not to become famous or influence other people. Also, you might wish to abate or simply abolish your tendency to believe you are right all the time. This behaviour only makes you seem pushy and arrogant about what you believe, and people can easily spot that you are not so flexible towards change. Being more open towards changing your mind certainly makes you more attractive and less inclined to have others feel that you are trying to get something out of them.

Leo/Leo Rising

The gateway to experience healthier financial relationships with others, particularly partners, comes from knowing how to produce wealth and valuing your own work, in relation to the wealth of others. Chances are that you are learning a lot of lessons about money lately, especially with regard to dealing with banks and financial matters in general. You cannot afford to take a slack, greedy, or evasive attitude about this. You must learn how to stand on your own legs, financially. Also, you may need to sacrifice your sexual needs and desires in order to achieve your goals, and best to keep away from occult means or emotional/psychological manipulation to strengthen your self worth. Witchcraft and other such charms, like using your sexual powers to enchant others (particularly wealthy individuals) to secure yourself may only see you being exposed as a financial/sexual vampire.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

It’s possible that you may feel tempted to transfer a lot of your own burdens to your significant other now, subconsciously using them to resolve various challenges that you do not wish to face. Best you don’t take that option though as it only deters you from pursuing your own true path. Start accepting yourself as an independent human being, which, of course may be easier said than done, but it’s best that you tackle the various fears that hold you back from opening your own wings – one of which is the fear of failure. You can do this on your own, but it may be a rather courageous decision to abolish the safety of a union to develop yourself on your own.

Libra/Libra Rising

You’re most likely to overdo things lately, and as such taking excessive measures to make life easier for yourself: feeling compelled to serve others, feeling like you’re excessively-responsible for others, over-booking yourself into commitments, becoming obsessed with daily routines, being obsessed with exercise routines, finding yourself caught in humiliating social roles, pining with pedantry and perfectionism, workaholism, indulging into eating disorders…. Aaargh. You need to ease up. Making life a never-ending focus of self-improvement, holding yourself to impossible standards so exacting that even a tyrant may look at your routine and urge you to just chill out and take a long deserved break. Do it.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

There may be too much self-preoccupation lately, particularly experienced in your relationships as excessive narcissism, but also great creativity. However, if the energy is flowing backwards and inward to the self rather than outward to benefit humanity, then issues may arise that can be difficult upon your fragile ego system, causing a breakdown with lovers or children or something that bears the fruit of your self-expression. The ideal will always be to go forward with an open and generous heart. Focus on your inner need to expand all forms of your expression and the fruits of your creativity, your hobbies must be wider and more socially encompassing so that they reach the greater world. If it’s all about you, you may end up a little whacked and discombobulated when the crowd you need to connect with decides to turn its back on you for having once abandoned them.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Your karmic duty at this time may be to become a role model for groups of people. Something seems to be pulling you to experience a leadership role, and more responsibility for others. You must step up and be the pioneer that will inspire so that others may follow – a role model for others to aspire to; someone whose wisdom, experience and fairness will become the head of his own operation. Therefore, you will have to fight harder within his own mind to be someone who does not easily relinquish your domestic equilibrium. The calling is more towards dedicating yourself towards building a career, ruling others and establishing fame in other people’s eyes. It’s going to take some strength and courage to choose walking the more difficult, never-before-travelled road, but treat this like the universe’s moral and intuitive call for you to show the way for all those clueless and less experienced than yourself.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Hey… time for you to step out of your backyard and go a little broader if you are to find true satisfaction. It might be comfy, beautiful and always offering you all you need. Yet, you are created to take on the world, as scary as this may sound to you right now.This may mean battling fears towards different cultural patterns, learning another language or entertaining higher meanings that spirituality can offer.  You may have to quit hobbies or leave family and relatives behind, in a quest for truths that will change his life permanently. Of course, this does not mean that you must completely discard all the precious life areas that you have been busy cultivating. Just seems that you have perhaps become a little complacent in your own endeavours and have been failing to take any great risks. Maybe you need to go back to school and learn enough to give greater experience. Sometimes, abstract knowledge and higher meanings are more important than the detailed and specialised knowledge that perhaps you placed too much importance on over the recent times.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

Take a little time to examine your past and current financial relationships. Are you finding that one of the reasons you have not indulged in deep partnerships is because you are afraid to compromise the financial independence you so value? If you prefer keeping your belongings only for yourself, rather than sharing them with souls you merge with, you may find that you are unduly hiding your true worth under the mattress of your fears. One cannot ever hope to create a deeper spiritual relation with another human being… to totally themselves into the soul of another without breaking the walls between you. Let go of any fears to merge, and you will see how your sexual life will take a new turn, and you will also be able to unite with another human being – not just sexually but spiritually. By relinquishing the walls of possessions between you and your most intimate mate, your sexual energy will also start to flow, and the great dance of spiritual bonding can commence, in full.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

In your own self-centered need to indulge into pleasure and comfort you might attract problems from those closest to you or the public. Try not to lose control over yourself or your own life. You can keep your comforts, but also include others in the big picture in the most honourable and altruistic sense. Understand that we are all fruits of the same tree; messenger angels, or vessels for the spirit light. Learn to embrace the blessed lessons that your significant other has to offer you. You may leave quite a lot of things behind you now, but it is ultimately in your quest to become a more conscious human being – someone who holds their destiny in their own hands without the dependence upon another. Others are merely there to walk alongside you, not to be used as a crutch. Treat them as equals and you shall go well.

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  2. Cancers – ON POINT. I keep fantasizing about my life on the island of Mallorca, but I must stay in my city and grow here. I can’t “escape” right now.

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  4. Aquarius on point. Thx Ang.

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