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Venus at Jupiter/Chiron midpoint

26 Aug: Venus @25°♍52′ on Jupiter/Chiron midpoint

[pic: Agnieszka Lorek]
[pic: Agnieszka Lorek]
The feminine force become stronger, instinctively serving to uplift spirits and to dispel depression. Her force is gentle, encouraging many to proceed along their spiritual path, through these most challenging of times and quite disheartening conditions.

Intuitively she knows just how to give the sort of encouragement that they need.  It is in this loving appreciation of a deep, spiritual understanding and in her ability to relate this outwardly to everyone around her that she manages to maintain optimism and hope in her world.

Love and positivity has to be lavished to excess now – affecting things to their ultimate extreme is the only means of bringing things into a higher awareness and finer balance. Exuding the power of acceptance and kindness is the only way to make people feel included and cared for, so that no one feels left out or left behind.

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