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Session with Ang – Appointment Application

Arranging your private session with Ang Stoic is quick and easy:

Please complete the following form to provide us with some guideline on which (local) dates/times are most preferable to you for your session. Ang will reply promptly (within 24 hours) with your preferred session time. See the section “SESSION FOCUS” section (below) for specific session rates.
*All personal details provided here are kept private and confidential.


Your precise birth details (MM/HH/DD/MM/YY) are used to calculate your personal horoscope. Please ensure that these are as correct as possible.
Our usual response to your application is usually within 48 hours (at the most). Please note that there may be some waiting time, depending on demand. Understandingly, Ang prefers to attend to your reading request asap. If you have not received a reply from us in 48 hours, please send a note to contactus@angstoic.com
After completing all the required fields, please ensure that you have pressed the ‘SUBMIT’ button to forward your application. You will then receive a confirmation form where you can double check your details. Please ensure that these are entered correctly.
A Paypal request for the 80-minute session will be sent to you immediately on arrangement. Your session will be booked once payment has gone through (please use drop-down menu to select the requested service).


  1. Sorry. I was born in the PM at 2:33 in the afternoon.

  2. Hi Ang, I filled out the form last week, but could not see where to pay. Do I just wait…or did I miss a step?

    • Hi Clare,
      Appears that your form has not yet been received. Please ensure that all your details are correct and press submit. Once your application for a session is complete, we can proceed to arranging your session. I look forward to meeting you soon. ~Ang

  3. I’m wondering if you do physical connection consultations, in person, not Skype?

  4. Hiya,
    Just checking in also if my request was received.

    Look forward to hearing from ya!


  5. Hello Ang, I would love to have this done.. however no one know my birth time have tried hospital also but they got rid of old archives when got new computer system 20 years ago.

    So is there a way my birth time can be given in a other way.. seem to remember reading somewhere that an astrologer can find tell what it was, based on life story and events in ones life. not sure if this is possible but am open to suggestions And guidance.

    Yours warmly,
    Jeni xx

    • Hi Jeni. Due to the laborious nature of the rectification process (finding birth time based on events) I no longer provide this service to clients. Instead I use a Solar House chart and average moon at 12pm for those who have no idea of birth time. This, and certain key questions at the beginning of your session tends to yield phenomenally accurate results.

      If you wish to proceed with a session, could you please complete the linked form http://angstoic.com/appointments/. I shall require some basic info before we can proceed towards arranging your session.
      Look forward to meeting you soon.

  6. Ang, have you received my request for a brief reading which I submitted last week?

    • No Jean, I have not. Perhaps you did not submit the form. Could you please try again? Look forward to meeting you and working with your chart. Thank you 🙂

  7. Caroline Elizabeth

    What are the length of sessions that are offered and the fee per session please. Also are these sessions taped or recorded for client upon request? Thank you.❤️

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