“Antidote to Propaganda & Mind Control”: MARS CONJUNCT PALLAS ATHENA


1. Keep your message simple and direct.
2. Repeat key points consistently.
3. Appeal to your audience’s prejudices and general ignorance.
4. Utilise slogans & memes for clarity and memorability.
5. Repeat key points consistently.
6. Ensure that every member of the public understands your intended message.
7. Repeat key points consistently.
8. Be mindful of people’s limited attention span.
8. Exploit the power of forgetfulness
9. Reinforce your message repeatedly.

MERCURY now opposing PLUTO at the anaretic, forming a grand cross to the NODAL AXIS, with MOON on the NORTH.

Have a look at where we’re at. I mentioned this before, most people… perhaps 80-90% of us are prone to coercion and mind manipulation… Cultural mores and our education system are founded on it, as is our economy and its marketing strategy, and all political and business activities are guided by it. Unless you bring some light into this, you are effectively an unquestioning automaton, a mere integer in the great algorithm.

With MARS & PALLAS ATHENA conjunct, here’s my small, structured “Antidote to Propaganda & Mind Control”:

1. Respect others’ freedom to think for themselves: Avoid coercing opinions and make room for diverse perspectives.
2. Stand firm on your line of thinking: Stand up for your beliefs, but remain open to growth and be willing to adapt.
3. Be mindful of fanaticism: Avoid imposing your views and steer clear of extreme ideologies.
4. Seek open dialogue: Engage in constructive conversations to prevent conflicts from escalating.
5. Be cautious of manipulative tactics: Recognise propaganda strategies and question their intentions.
6. Dig deeper and reflect: Solve problems and uncover hidden aspects of yourself for personal growth.
7. Maintain moderation: Avoid obsessive thinking and overexertion, practice moderation.
8. Seek support and understanding: Make full use of investigative research and seek counselling/mediation to arrive at sense-making adequately.
9. Always be open to diverse perspectives: Respect others’ viewpoints, cultivating harmony through authentic communication.

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