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(Cover Art by Stuart Lippincott)

November 19, 2021
Excerpt: “You can genuinely overcome any stalemate situation that comes your way by exercising all your creative powers and exploiting the best opportunity out of even the most adverse circumstances…”
November 19, 2021




  1. Brillent
    1st bit piscus.


  2. So accurate.
    And this fish
    Not in nature
    Seem soaking up all around.
    Taking wounds divorced from her own actions

  3. Spot on. Learner to live as my true self and feel so liberated. Why did I waste so many years living in fright. Feel so much calmer and detached.

  4. Perfect

  5. Truth! Thank you Ang for being a beacon of Light in these bleak times! So much appreciation for you and the kindness and honesty you bring to the world.

  6. Ang your insight astounds me. Still feeling the after effects of you. Man you have powerful vibes and wisdom. So grateful for you. Thank you

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