AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: Horoscope and Intention for the Capricorn New Moon


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The Capricorn New Moon activates the more mysterious, hidden aspects of your psyche, perhaps in more ways than you are consciously able to understand unless you are prepared to look deeper into the hidden recesses of your shadow nature. Hence, you may be encouraged around this time to look at your life a little more intuitively, withdrawing from the mainstream and spending some time in solitude, contemplation and meditation.

You may be more determined to take a closer look at where your psychic weaknesses lie and to address some of your psychological blind spots. If you are particularly prone to compulsions and obsessions, addictions and destructive behaviours; to phobias and deep aversions to both current situations or issues arising from the past, then this period will bring the perfect moment to set an intention to explore the use, misuse, and abuse of power, as both its victim and perpetrator.

With Pluto’s involvement, you seem inextricably plugged into the collective mind, so much so that there is an unconscious “channelling” of other people’s fears and apprehensions. Your individual reactions to this psychic extrusion may vary, but it is essentially experienced as an extension of your own fears, hence great care is necessary for where there appears no separation or boundaries between you and others, you may feel particularly vulnerable and easily triggered by episodes which, by all objective accounts do not necessarily affect you personally. A warning to stay away from psychotropic and other weakening agents such as alcohol, which can really confuse matters even more.

Nor will you feel any separation from what has gone before in the family, especially on the paternal side. The psychic umbilical cord which binds you to past generations through the implicit concealment of “family karma” exposes you to a hive of symbiotic dependencies, many of these rooted in covert secrets and addictions of all kinds.

The challenge during this lunation is to identify and work on overcoming the compulsive patterns of the past. Through more conscious control of psychic channelling to your ancestral bloodlines, you may be afforded an opportunity to uncover new outlets for the transformative energies of this lunation. There is a powerful access to the more repressed side of your nature, which you often unconsciously project outwards.

Delving into the more hidden realms, you may access all the wealth and abundantly resourceful Plutonian riches – supernatural abilities which you can employ like a sixth sense, or x-ray vision into the soul of society's ills. This is your secret tool for gaining extraordinary insights as well as turning these into rewards in the physical world. However, knowing that in today's conventional society and professional circles things like the occult, metaphysics and spirituality are not always understood let alone welcome, you may be wise to conceal your special abilities or even deny them in order to establish and maintain a sense of sanity and a professional public image.

This powerfully transformative lunation, ripe with foreboding, psychic energies, reaches her zenith now to help you make a strong intention that you are ready to explore areas of your life which you often ignore or hide away because you may be ashamed or pressured to conceal them.

Hence why, as a means of protection, you may feel it best to retreat into seclusion, voluntary isolation, a little holiday or perhaps become lost in some dark, Hadean fantasy and paranoia. If you encounter disturbing energies, learn to make the peace by clearly defining your boundaries and keeping a firm grip on what you will consent to and what you feel is unwelcome. Use your access to the psychic channels effectively to cut old ties with past family spirits, heal old wounds and bring about great resolutions to age-old problems. And as you use them, do not feel socially pressured or guilty about giving yourself adequate time out to clear away unresolved blockages and karmic baggage from your life.

This is a time for major letting go; for relinquishing rather than acquisition. Focus on what those things may be for you and earnestly work through them, one by one. A deep, conscious exploration into the source of your compulsions and addictions will lead you to discover the force of your very own supernatural power. This lunation hence becomes a wonderful insight into the spiritual importance of what the year ahead holds for you.

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