Playing Our Cards Close to Our Chest: The Weekend Ahead (Oct 9-11)

As above, so below they say. Well, if our heavenly players above are putting on quite an ambitious performance, one can imagine how that’s all playing out in your life.

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By 18:00 UT Friday, the Venus-ruled Libra Sun will try to give off the impression that everything is fine, although squares from Jupiter and between Mars/Pluto are super tight, with some attempt to ease tensions from Venus and the Jupiter sextile to Neptune. This is seriously not time to be lulled into a false air of contentment or exuberant fancies though. There are possible perils for being too complacent.

Last Quarter Moon at 17°♋10′, Saturday Oct 10, 00:40 UTC

No matter how we paint this, things are not fine and dandy, or at least not for those who feel like the crap has gone on too long. We may conceal our true feelings at the Cancer Quarter Moon, but the cracks are beginning to show around the whole shit-show. Regardless who you are, we’re are all a little sensitive and psychologically exposed right now. For the most part, we have nothing to worry about, but we may still wish to protect our privacy, even if still keeping up appearances.

The Mars/Pluto square comes with warnings to put our furies and passions to good use, or at least keep them under wraps for the slightest little microaggression could ignite a fearsome reaction.

We are heading into dynamite times with next couple of moons. It, therefore, behoves us to stay aware of our centre, engaging outwards only when we’re sure where to appropriate our energies to achieve the most rewarding results. Some stuff to watch this weekend:


Firstly, let me say there are no winners in this. The Libra Sun, teeming with desire to make a favourable public impression crosses the punctilious Jupiter in Capricorn, who knows nothing about anything unless it’s written down in a rulebook somewhere.

There’s a lot of foolish assumptions, political stunts, false optimism and ill-considered ploys to appear better than things really are. The propensity to go over the top with over-inflated displays of wealth, well-being, academic wit and high-ground morality could backfire badly since both the Sun and Jupiter are both in signs of their fall. Any ulterior motives are exposed as the weakened Sun will soon square up against the brutally ruthless Pluto, then Saturn.


Force is force. It overrides any careful planning, diplomacy, and peace. It bullies its way through even physical boundaries and, with Mars in Aries, storms its way into places where even angels fear to tread. Mars is retreating, so the usual might-makes-right, do-or-die attitude we see here is because he’s feeling cornered, a thing we must watch. Mars is a fierce warrior, even in defence. Conflict between the established powers and one’s personal struggle can turn extremely brutal, especially if Mars feels trapped by anyone with designs to impose their draconian ambitions. We have to be mindful to avoid letting such situations get out of control.

Regretfully, if pushed too far, we may see violent, even punitive behaviour, similar to that seen at the first Mars/Pluto square back in mid-August. As we remember, the whole summer in America was indelibly marked by political violence on the streets of many cities, made even crazier by a pandemic and inflammatory friction between protesters against racial injustice clashing with police, unidentified paramilitaries and armed vigilantes.

In many western countries, there were fierce street reactions, public explosions, skirmishes and hostility over corruption and abuse of power by authorities, police enforcement officers and angry protesters, prompting fears about the growth of political violence under democratic governments. Situations may again flare up to the extent where martial law may be called in, especially once Mars squares closer to Jupiter over the next week.

Fortunately, there is some glimmer of ‘hope’ in the air, for what it’s worth.

VENUS opposite the the MARS/PLUTO midpoint

Venus in Virgo tries to create some peace and love by offering her services, doing the correct thing to sort out the tension. Her influence here may soften the harsh, repugnantly bullying Mars/Pluto tactics. But her efforts are mostly made by promising gifts and incentives as some form of bribery to quell a possible upheaval.

All of this happens during a month when the Mercury/Uranus opposition begins now to generate a sharp exchange of intellectual uncouthness. It points our attention to verbal tactlessness and ‘little accidents’ in the mail. There’s an electrical-data-epidemic of ‘telling it like it is’, even when it isn’t; refusing to co-operate or have one’s mind swayed by others, even though we may change our point of view several times throughout the course of arguing a single point.

On the back of this, there is the old “here’s hoping” if we follow the magic footsteps we might get to Shangri-La, aspect.


In the background of this virus which has been running all year is this aspect between two of the mightiest gods. Although with Jupiter grounded in Capricorn, there’s not a lot of freedom to travel too far into Neptune’s Piscean waters. There’s plenty of sentimentality or plain gush for those things we miss, but infection to Neptune’s nebulous ways of undermining our ego keeps many of us at bay, especially when Pluto and Saturn, and Pallas Athena are watching over Jupiter’s sobriety and stuffy officiousness.

Grounded prayer, yoga, meditation, wishful thinking and dystopian fantasies about future societies are one thing but, in the more negative sense, tuning out altogether or becoming engrossed in implausible theories and convoluted beliefs can be a recipe for massive disillusionment, preferably before the big crash in January.

Of course, the next big event coming up for us is next week’s Libra New Supermoon, the closest this year. That’s happening at 23°♎54′, on Fri Oct 16, at 19:32 UTC, and you can see by the chart, it’s going to be a hairy one .

I’ll be on facebook live to talk about that with you in a few hours, please mind the new times. I would love to see all of you and it’s never too late to catch the bus – we just take one moment at a time and we play with all the bits to keep us amused, maybe even learn something about this crazy old world.

Blessings, have an amazing weekend xx

Enjoy this short excerpt from last week’s bus installment, hours before Trump’s positive COVID status took over the news:

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  1. Well said, there is a calling deep within. I have my mission always knew but never knew why. This is the moment to find your purpose that brings Joy. No matter what happens stay the course in your heart.
    Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.

    All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

    Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now

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