PISCES/PISCES RISING: Empowering Horoscope Message for the Capricorn Full Moon


This Pisces Message is offered to you as a free reading of the current Capricorn Full Moon/Eclipse energies.

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The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse could bring your whole integrity into full-scale self-effacement, particularly against the judgement and scrutiny of those in your social circle and peers.

Our larger family network, our friends, group involvements and organisational affiliations offer us a vital feeling of belonging and serve to build stability and security into our lifestyle. It is around this Full Moon that someone in your party or entourage of esteemed supporters stirs up emotional reactions, hurtling you into a ‘fated’ series of incidents which forces you to reassess whether what you're putting out there is adding any real value to anyone, or whether you are just ensconced in an exercise of pure self-indulgence.

And it may not be just the one friend, but usually, that's all it takes to stir the entire pecking order of your 'society' to raise the alarm which brings your sense of honour and social uprightness under question. 

If ever there’s a time to make some changes in your public relations; reform and reshape the identity and purpose of your involvement among your network of acolytes, then this is it. Admit it, it's been long coming and it may even mean it's time for a complete reconstruction in the way you engage with society altogether.

Inwardly, you may be hurting in some way, or perhaps your heart is in need of healing or for a remedy of the most intimate kind. Maybe your efforts to reach out to others have long become blocked, unrequited, mismatched or your current drop of buddies isn’t quite qualified or fit enough to provide you with the support and business acumen that you so seriously need to move your work forward. 

What you’re most in need of now is those who can both reflect and can influence your current worldviews, your most cherished attitudes, values, and beliefs – you need people who have the power to impact and move your social experience to the next level.

art: Michael Parkes

As you seek to modify or transform your own, deep-seated judgments, future concepts and expressions, you also need those who are able to adapt and align themselves to a more progressive group and social ethos. 

Society’s structure is changing fast. Existing social systems are in collapse, and so, those invisible contracts which once bound us all together are losing their grip. At times like this, you may look around only to realise that the common interests we once shared now seem superficial and incapable of satisfying our emotional needs. What once brought you a sense of comfort and support from others now seems trite, outdated and banal.

As your inner needs change, it is harder to feel swayed by apparently unconvincing arguments, especially by those with whom you had hoped to maintain friendships.

Sometimes it may take but a little disagreement, perhaps a fall-out on a seemingly indifferent topic to launch you into a quandary. This leads you to question just how much you need to depend or rely on others’ agreeance and good opinions to feel accepted and appreciated for your views.

Here you may notice too how often you fail to express your thoughts and feelings for fear of causing disputes and confrontation within the group position. Maybe you thought you were being diplomatic, but it’s more likely a case of not being assertive enough to be heard, or confident enough to state the absolute truth. 

Allowing the needs and intentions of others to mould your consequent choices and decisions impacts the integrity of your life’s path and makes you emotionally reliant on others.

No matter how well cultivated and enduring those friendships have been, it may be time to go this leg of the journey alone, at least for a while. 

If you are at all sceptical that you can achieve very much by yourself, feeling you must rely on others to stimulate you to explore your creative talents, then reconsider your options. Those ‘true friends’ may be looking to you to lead the way.

Any insecurity is just a sign that you lack the courage to stand proud in your aloneness. Take the first step here, leading by example. Stay out of the low vibe. It is probably wiser to choose group affinities which have a positive emotional resonance for you. Avoid the phonies and posers. Know that they could never satisfy your inner need to expand the full force of your creative potential. 

Don’t be afraid. Know that your tendency to cling too tightly to the affirmation and affection of the group will only deny or stagnate your progress and diminish your power and confidence to create a brighter future. On that note, the group itself probably needs a kick up the arse. And don’t feel intimidated or discouraged by those who cleverly cajole you to into staying ‘loyal’ by using passive-aggressive tactics or emotional blackmail.

If you see yourself too emotionally caught up with identifying with an external group, then your inner balance could become be disturbed at this time, and in the coming weeks perhaps it is time to retreat into privacy to reconnect with your emotions and feelings again.

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