Cosmic Bus Q & A [Episode #2027]

In this episode, Ang discusses the Astrology of Now and answers questions from our cosmic travellers.

Through discussion around the consolidation of power & control in CAPRICORN, and the fierce, war-like energy coming from ARIES, we are anticipating how the discordance of cardinal energies is going to unfold.

With the activation of Chiron, watch how our wounds, both collective and personal, become triggered. What is the difference between a 'Soulmate' and a 'Woundmate'? How much do you understand the source of your wound and are others able to heal you? Where are you feeling most vulnerable and exposed to the gentle soothings and sly manipulations from those who claim to be an ally to your cause?

These Q & A sessions offer searing insight into those burning questions that are plaguing us all as we observe the chaos and maelstrom play out around us. The Cosmic Bus is where we come to collect all the swirling pieces that sometimes distract us from re-Membering ourselves.

Won't you join us?

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