Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2029] – Cancer New Moon

Personas and roles aside, our souls are traversing through an intensely dark and pressing moment in human times. As the Cancer SUN opposes the SATURN/PLUTO midpoint, forces (both natural and supernatural) are pressing us down immensely on this leg of our soul's journey.

It is a profound alchemical moment, when our deepest, secret fears and disowned aspects of our personalities are being projected outwards. Pointed toward those we want so badly to respect but instead make us feel supremely oppressed, we fail to see how our 'authorities', now ever-so dominant, are in the highest (and lowest) sense really only trying to squeeze the most impure, toxic and even violently destructive shades of our habitual nature out into the light. One way or another, whatever we're hiding will emerge to be seen, eliminated and ultimately transformed by the light.
*The stakes are super-high and we stand to lose everything...

'The Mask We Hide Behind' is the subject of this COSMIC BUS talk, as we are led into another potent lunation, where the Sun/Moon opposes Saturn. Join us... book your seat here.

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