Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2028.1] – The Cardinal T-Square and the “Great Reset”

This Capricornucopia of planets is creating quite a show, eh?

Feeling like things are a bit dicey lately? Like perhaps things are not as they seem and cannot be taken at face value? Perhaps you are the one feeling judged on those qualities people observe upon first impression.

The Cardinal energies are ramping up for a massive Judgement Day. How aware are you of your most personal habits and habitats that are currently under scrutiny? Watch the cosmic drama unfold as those things we hold most dear come under threat and as humanity undergoes a total recalibration of our value system.

Buckle up for another sightseeing tour aboard the Cosmic Bus, our 4D light vehicle where we come to find our centre, find our calm, and enjoy front-row seats to the here-now.

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