Cosmic Bus Astrology Webcast [episode #2031]- You Are Here

Tuesday's FULL MOON in Aquarius means that the primordial energies that govern our experience are pulling apart, allowing us to see both sides, both inner and outer, both the subjective and intersubjective reality you have to contend with, both the 'you' and the 'not you'.

Somewhere in-between constantly resides the true genius of your higher intelligence. How much are you tuned into that column of superintelligence, the one which informs you (and only you), and just how much do you resist and reject that higher information, and why?


A perfect T-square from Uranus promises to make the whole world quake, if only for a split second. At that moment, you will catch a glimpse of just how close you are to being perfectly balanced to deal with the objective reality of things...

Are you ready?

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