Cosmic Bus: “Ask Ang” (everything from aspects to algorithms)

Through the lens of astrology, Ang takes us on a cosmic joyride through a range of relevant topics including:

  • The Grand Finale of disintegration and transmutation of our crumbling Capricornian statues and statutes
  • How Ang reads the relationships between the planets (Hard, soft, and minor aspects)
  • Our inherited conspiracies and fabricated stories, filling in the gaps of our understanding
  • How to navigate these troubled times with a sense of Authority.
  • The "authorities" of our world - discussing Bill Gates, Donald Trump and others
  • Moving into the Digital Age and the importance of algorithms
  • How we get caught up in compelling stories of Good vs. Evil, Heroes vs. Villains
  • The current Global Breakdown

Where are you in the centre of all this? Are you here in the present moment to objectively observe the play of energies and bring some coherence back to your life? Are you with us on the bus?

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