Cosmic Bus Lunation Report (episode #2023) – Sagittarius Full Moon

In this episode, aired on Friday, June 5 at 01:00 UTC, Ang discusses:

  • the 3 kinds of lunar eclipses
  • the Full Moon/Penumbral Eclipse in Sagittarius
  • Earth, the ego, and finding our centre
  • the importance of the Sun and Moon in your chart (and the upcoming masterclass on this subject)
  • Venus currently retrograde in Gemini
  • Mars, Neptune and Ceres in Pisces - “fighting for the underdog”
  • the upcoming Annular Solar Eclipse, June 21
  • the lunar nodes and our collective evolution
  • the infectious campaigns of Sagittarius
  • the immutable laws of nature
  • how this eclipse affects the natal chart of America
  • America’s Pluto return
  • the upcoming Mars/Eris conjunction in Aries - September
  • the warring and fighting in the months ahead
  • Neptune T-squaring the nodal axis
  • the 19 year nodal cycle
  • and many more astro tidbits...

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