Venus, who rules over art, beauty and love attraction, is currently in her retrograde period. Are you ready for a trip down memory lane?

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Whilst charming, amiable and co-operative, Venus in Gemini can typically be quite flippant and superficial in her affairs. Concerned greatly with an eloquent image or of others’ opinions rather than true worth, she flits and flutters from one love interest to another just to keep it ‘interesting’.

Don’t be surprised if (by the end of this period) you’ve not looked up every old flame, all the way back to that 8th-grade crush to see how they are faring in the world, comparing notes on who’s more socially acceptable now, and then move on. A sustained square from Neptune throughout much of May may be initially deceiving, but will not allow us to glamourise images at all. Not an ideal time to invest or enter a relationship, especially if we are thinking of returning to something of the old (the sheen will quickly wear off).

Those with mutable planets (VIRGO, GEMINI, SADGE, PISCES) between 5° – 22° are most affected by this transit…


When Venus is retrograde, she begins her symbolic descent to the underworld, her love-consciousness directed down different avenues, or back to the past to clear any residual influences on the present. By the end of the process, she returns feeling replenished and renewed. Her mission is to produce a reconstruction of old complexes or troubling dynamics, especially in our relationships, that we may have felt we had already mastered but in a karmic sense still haunt or influence us subconsciously.

Venus last retrograded Gemini precisely 8 years ago, when she famously transited across the face of the Sun (Jun 6, 2012). Unresolved relationship complexes prevalent at that time could resurface at this time. You may gain insight into Venus’ influence on your life by reflecting on the specifics of your love circumstances during that time. How much have you evolved in understanding how your heart works and what you value?

When Venus enters her retrograde cycle, we are invited to investigate the darker or hidden dimensions of ourselves, and others – often resulting in the unveiling of shadow matter projected onto other people around us. This allows us to adopt a different lens from which to observe ourselves and those with whom we interact. We want to be receptive to these deeper perceptions, and simply take it all in as opposed to trying to change things during the actual retrograde.

It’s best to use the retrograde period for objective witnessing with the intent to see what’s going on with fresh eyes. Since our exterior relationships reflect our own internal dynamics, the most enlightened perception would be to see any flaws or ‘shadows’ (demons) as our own and to learn to integrate and heal these within ourselves.

Because the Venus cycle itself is so complex, it can be challenging to make rational sense of “why” we must sometimes undergo such awful challenges in our affairs. Often, there is some unfinished business that we have to settle. If one is privy to the deeper dynamics of their horoscope, then it can often become clear what type of role the situation or individual is playing, and what can be done to support healing, reparation, resolution, and understanding.


By the end of his retrograde cycle, we are either satisfied with ourselves or steeped in tortuous self-judgement and condemnation. Much depends on how we can use this period to reconcile the parts of ourselves we love with those we feel are of none or little value.

The very picture of a whole person is one who can drink wine, dance on the beach, sing in the rain and at the same time enjoy the depths of understanding and wisdom that belong to the sage. Half of humanity has been accepting the inner world but denying the outer world. The other half of humanity has been accepting the material world and denying the inner world. Both are half and no person who is half can be contented. You have to be whole: rich in the body, rich in science, rich in meditation, rich in consciousness.


Your special horoscope messages provide a deeper insight into the process taking place during this particular Venus retrograde period. Please read your Sun sign (soul) and Rising sign (relationship) for a more complete picture.

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