PISCES/PISCES RISING: Empowering Horoscope Message and Intention for the Gemini New Moon


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Whether you are aware that supernatural forces are working through you or not is another thing, but Neptune has only one objective: to dissolve ego boundaries and wear down all that is impermanent.

Whilst this can be an excellent means by which to avoid confrontations with life’s little abrasions, it can sometimes cause you to feel a bit confused about who you are, or make you suspect that you are presenting yourself to others as a bit of a fraud. This New Moon can inundate you with questions about yourself and the world you have constructed, situations which make you doubt what is real and possibly send you into an identity crisis.

The great irony is that the more honest and vulnerable you are, the more others try to discredit you as a fraud and a fake. The solution is to remain grounded in your deep, inner sense of self. You can shut the thoughts and opinions of others up by not caring what they think or say. Certainly, knowing that there are greater powers working to erode divisions and boundaries between people helps, but then, you cannot take this as an ego-driven mission. This is not about you, per se.

Still, you have to look after yourself, stay healthy and strong, and maintain some sense of ego-identity. Mars in your sign for the next 6 weeks will help to give you some strangth to defend your own boundaries and firm up your intended mission here.

This can a significant time to rekindle the connection to your roots, and to your ancestral family line. Certainly, knowing where you come from and that you are a direct ascendant of a specific lineage will provide a clearer idea of who you are.

Many things seem to be coming to a head right now, pressing you to get your house in order. Naturally, with Neptune in Pisces, you have been absent in more ways than just the obvious, causing family and close ones to either look at your life as a bit of a mess, or have resigned any interest in trying o work out who you are and where you’re going. Only you know how much your sensitivity has brought you to the point where you may appear increasingly lost and disoriented than stable and certain. Despite this, you may have learned to cope by not relying on your past or anyone back home for assurance, and through the latest social crises, this is the big realisation you are making now.

However, certain domestic dramas are now being played out around you. Whilst much of it may seem a little vague, what is getting clearer, more obvious – particularly since you are prepared to discuss these, is how ready you are to relinquish obsolete life-patterns that stem back to your early childhood. Observe how the manner of communication in your relationship with your parents is now repeating over in your present affairs, highlighting the problems that need addressing.

Learn to place less emphasis on unfounded fears, paranoias and resentments over where you live. Instead, concentrate more upon creating a better relationship with your home environment and neighbourhood, wherever that may be, however stable or fleeting. Build new pathways to communicate with your family, and pledge to develop more harmonious relations with those in your intimate space. In addition, listen to the call of a vital karmic request to learn to establish healthy daily routines, manage your time more efficiently and learn how to appropriately value and price your work and effort.

Are you able to deal with these? Are you ready to wipe clear and refresh any mind-programming that still seems stuck in some strange family folklore? Recycling ancient karmic complexes, or changing your perspective on the past by looking at it with a new set of eyes, will allow you to understand yourself better and let you move on. By breaking the chain of dependency on infantile patterns of past behaviour, you are also able to reclaim your power to reconstruct a new earth.

This all starts with your idea of what comforts your soul. Where are your roots? How do you define yourself?

If home is truly where the heart is, then how much of humanity’s existence on this planet does your heart encompass?

You are the architect of your dream ‘home’. Perhaps now, more than ever before you are ready to visualise the blueprints of this emerging new world, for you, and all those in your ‘family’.

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