Cosmic Bus Special Report (episode #2019.1) – Understanding the Bigger Picture 2020-2021

In this episode, aired on Friday, May 8 at 01:00 UTC, Ang discusses:

  • how he got his start in astrology
  • USA's Pluto return
  • the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and COVID-19
  • the psychedelic effect of Uranus/Neptune
  • the Uranus/Pluto squares of 2010-2015, revolution vs.control: the inception of AI and algorithms of manipulation
  • Jupiter/Pluto, manufactured truth, and manipulation of beliefs
  • Bill Gates and his natal aspects
  • Uranus at war with Saturn
  • Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto retrograde: turning the judgement and criticism onto society, structures, laws, religion
  • the chaos of the coming Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius square Uranus
  • the fickleness of Venus retrograde in Gemini squaring Neptune
  • the advance of technology: 5G, surveillance, tracking etc.
  • the co-creation of the collective dream
  • and many more Astro tidbits...

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