Cosmic Bus Special Report (episode #2018) – Reflections on Retrogrades 2020

In this episode, aired on Friday, May 1 at 01:00 UTC, Ang discusses:

  • eureka moments, release, and the crack in the 3D mould from the recent Uranian New Moon
  • Uranus in Taurus: the bull in the china shop
  • Taurus Sun being energized by 10,000 volts of Uranian electricity
  • Mercury's superior conjunction to the Taurus Sun: reflecting on our values of self and authorities in our lives
  • the disillusionment of Venus in Gemini, slowing to retrograde, squaring Neptune in Pisces most of May
  • breaking away from the 3D linear timeline of grounding, holding and structure
  • inner/outer tension and disruption of the Uranus/Saturn square (coming again in 2021)
  • Saturn slowing to retrograde back into Capricorn
  • Venus spending 3 months in Gemini: re-evaluating Gemini in our world: what is nourishing our mind?
  • Mars and Venus in air signs - our new cerebral and intellectual way of relating
  • Jupiter and Pluto going retrograde: reviewing what makes us feel integrated and empowered, what keeps us together
  • trading security for freedom
  • 5G and the shift of electromagnetic frequencies
  • the new paradigm of collaboration, cooperation, co-creation, and community
  • and many more Astro tidbits...

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