Cosmic Bus Lunation Report (episode #2021) – Lunation in Gemini

In this episode, aired on Friday, May 22 at 01:00 UTC, Ang discusses:

  • Venus and Mercury (in his rulership) in Gemini radiating information backwards and forwards in 2D,
  • square from Neptune disconnecting personal thoughts and feelings from the sea of collective oneness,
  • the basis of belief systems,
  • Mercury/Neptune aspects in natal charts,
  • conscious awareness (Sun) coming into Gemini behind the eyes (Mercury) and heart (Venus),
  • Saturn/Pluto as "the tyrant" in our lives and the fear of death,
  • upcoming Mars retrograde in Aries,
  • upcoming Mercury retrograde in Cancer mid-June,
  • the mess of misinformation and censorship,
  • Saturn in Aquarius and the algorithms of right and wrong,
  • the 2000-year-old conspiracy of control,
  • the upcoming eclipses,
  • the intention for this Gemini New Moon,
  • and many more astro tidbits...

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