ARIES/ARIES RISING: Empowering Horoscope Message for Venus Retrograde in Gemini

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It is unlikely that you’re going to enjoy this transit very much since the capriciousness of Venus retrograding in Gemini tries constantly to throw your mind out of sync how you actually feel. Even the conjunction to ruler, Mercury (May 22) fails to put you at ease with things since the hijacking of your heart by the trickster mind plays havoc in your relations. You may feel overwhelmed by thoughts that you are being cheated and undermined.

But who is fooling who here?

Like a candle in the wind, your flame blows this way and then that; you vacillate between one choice and another; we don’t know whether you're on or off, coming or going. You become so out of affinity with the reality of your surroundings that you spend more effort in preparation for a good time, showing little or no capacity of actually enjoying yourself should the moment of joy you're seeking actually arrives.

With people, your mental energies are consumed with 'time-travelling', wistfully recollecting a love long-past or an experience just had, where you are physically no longer with the person, rather just lost in reminiscing, recreating in your mind the feelings of joy or even torment in your mind.

The sad bit is, that you probably realise that you end up loving 'without' much longer than you're loving 'with'. Well... some might find it sad.
In your mind, the amount of love you feel for someone and the impression they've left on you seem to far outweigh the amount of time you've known them.

Nevertheless, you might experience some complexities in coming to terms with the present tense during this time. External circumstances right now might seem to make you feel like either you’re not yet ready to deal with others, or the opportunity to meet them in the 'here and now' has already passed.

As for the future, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Everything is so up in the air that once the winds of change start to blow, so do all your hopes (and speculations).

Being mentally so out of sync with current feelings affects the way you might connect with just about everyone, so don’t be surprised if even your ordinary relations break down. Most undermining would be that others suspect you don’t always mean exactly what you say, especially if you seem otherwise distracted, or appear slightly vacant when others are addressing you. With Neptune squaring, be sure to tell the truth, or at least don’t lie.

Also, in order to gain approval or acceptance, you may say or do things that you know are out of character, but which aim to garner you the appreciation you so crave. This sends out signals of duplicitousness, and whether you’re aware of this or not, it undermines trust.

This could be a period of undesired solitude, of loneliness and wistful reminiscence, which, in a creative sense could later provide lots of material to draw inspiration from when Venus goes direct again. Hence, this might be an excellent time to clear your mind completely of any unresolved love experiences and make yourself ready to move on again.

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