Are You Ready to Go Back? THE WEEK AHEAD, May 11-17:

An epic week ahead, which forces us to turn our attention to the aftermath of these past few months and see what we make of it.

[art: sarah aha/ facemask by flip solomon]

The disintegration of our old, structured world is now in its final stages, and whilst few of us could ever have predicted this degree of change to occur in every sector of society and social lives, the few who did see this coming strangely find themselves in the same boat as all those who, grimly, are still in denial of what is going on.

There will be fingers pointed in the land of judgement and recrimination. All you can do is stand clear…

By the middle of this week, Mercury, ruler of communications and Mars, ruler of war and defence, will have entered into mutable (changeable) signs… although not before squaring in fixed (not very changeable) signs. Can we expect some very cross words between each other? Of course. The misunderstandings are everywhere because folks are quick to jump to obstinate conclusions, getting defensive over things they do not understand, refusing to listen to anything of which they disapprove or deem to be incredulous or foreign, just at first glance.

In a way, this only highlights the bigger picture issues played out in Saturn’s current near-square to Uranus which, in fact, creates the basis for greater social disruption leading into 2021. The status quo fails to accept radical differences and changes, particularly in core values which are slate to shift, thanks to conflicting views on science and innovative technologies. But that’s another story, a long, very intricate story, whose implications I have already started to cover in my weekly Cosmic Bus webcasts. If you are not signed up to those, you are missing out and I advise that you sign up immediately. After all, why are you still here?

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This is again a massive turning-point week, and with respect to the last quarter Moon also in the fixed sign of Aquarius, we get a strong sense that social issues and technology are going to clash with matters over the economy and material security. Venus continues to square Neptune as she slows to retrograde for the first time since Oct 2018, creating all kinds of weird and wonderful, particularly in our relationships.

Of course, the big-ticket items this week are the synced-up to station-together-retrogrades of social planets, Jupiter and Saturn. As many of us now try to make a return to the society we once knew before Jan-Feb, we will start to see where the opportunities for growth and pitfalls for demise stand in the wake of this global pandemic.

Over the next 4 months, much will need to be adjusted and prepared as these two planets will turn again direct in mid-late September before they head out to form their great conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius (Dec 21). I have not only begun to discuss the sociological and personal effects of these next few months at length on the Cosmic Bus, but I provide you now with a link to this special article (replete with horoscope messages) with an aim to help guide you on to how best to manage this very confronting next few months.

Blessings, and I hope to see you on the bus. Have an amazing week xx

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