LEO/LEO RISING: Empowering Horoscope Message for the Libra Full Moon


"...you are discovering, most profoundly, that much of the secrecy and hidden meanings that this world is holding is about to be unveiled..."

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Under this powerful Supermoon, you may observe that the voice of your intuition becoming louder and louder and that the inclination to break away from negative patterns of habitual attachment and co-dependent behaviour is much easier now. With Mars and Saturn opposite your sign in Aquarius, the external, social universe seems to become more and more distant, and you begin to seek inner satisfaction by placing a more determined focus on your mental musings and what creative accomplishments you can draw from these.

Foreign happenings may intrigue you enough, that you must expand your thinking to see further than before, exploring realms of insight that come from well outside the usual constraints of thinking and mainstream sources. How well you can integrate thoughts and ideas about "the greater scheme of things" into your own thinking will determine how open and flexible you are to see the brighter side of a possible tomorrow. Of course, you may have to contend with some degree of fact-manipulation, conspiracy theories and utter nonsense, but provided you are not fearful and willing to listen, your intuition should immediately serve to filter and debunk all the dross.

You are being challenged to explore your special talent for observing and understanding basic universal laws. General principles (physical and metaphysical) that tie everything you know together, providing a cohesive explanation to the underlying significance of every situation, will soon become apparent to you. What you are sensing most profoundly is that much of the secrecy and hidden meanings that this world is holding is about to be unveiled. Hence, this Supermoon draws to an end a period of a former innocence or ignorance to the apparent 'mysteries' (or cover-ups) of yesterday.

You clear the way to begin work with concepts and insights that have formerly been quite unbelievable or supernatural, synthesising them into more comprehensive understandings, or finding ways to explain them to others in words that an ordinary person can understand. You may launch into ways beyond using words or language as a medium to explain things, finding some other way of communicating your deeper understanding of symbols.

At this Supermoon, you become immediately confronted with challenges in getting your current ideas across to others. Any hidden anxieties that you may harbour about being capable of confronting any communication challenges will be immediately brought to the surface, especially since this powerful lunation presents you with every opportunity to see if you can translate your ideas into something others can understand. This might be a real moment of truth for you. Do you really have what it takes to make some practical use of the abundance of creative ideas that are swirling in your mind? Or have you really, after all, only been kidding yourself with an ineffective or unsound system of beliefs?

Perhaps the most astute answer to this question will come when assessing the quality of associations with which you have surrounded yourself in trying to promote your wonderful vision about a possible future. Are they realistic? Are the people to whom you are trying to sell your vision the clear-sighted, sensible kind, capable of giving you honest and accurate feedback, or have you surrounded yourself with fools and sycophants?

Here, at this pressing moment in history, you may discover that you have a talent for simplifying technical information; an ability to “tune-in” to the vernacular of today's society; a talent for intuitively identifying with your audience; a gift for teaching, or a fantastic ability to persuade (or mould public opinion.)

Somewhere deep in your lower mind are very deeply ingrained neural patterns of speech and thought, which make you feel very sceptical and apprehensive about actually having what it takes to win the approval and understanding of others using what you know.

The objective is not to feel like everything you say is dependent upon approval from others.

The challenge for you now lies in determining whether you truly have the skills and wherewithal to overcome any apparent mental or intellectual inadequacies, and to successfully prove, not just to others but to yourself, that your profound and very provocative ideas are worthy of pursuing further, especially in discussion or argument with those who hold different or foreign views.

If you have been happy to work according to some previously prescribed manifesto or a bible, or someone's scripted agenda, this will be the time to check whether what you have been indoctrinated with applies to the now, and whether things are going well according to that 'divine plan'. If not - if you have simply just been winging it, riding on improvisations and speculations, this may be time to review, or clear the databank and start forming a whole new theory on how life works.

Naturally, since you are heading into a brave new world of progressive ideas and laws, it might help to do some decent research and check (with someone you trust) whether you’re keeping it real.

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