As we said, this was going to be a pretty frightful 24 hours. Panic and fear as the Capricorn MOON brought home a certain awareness that this is really real, and then, that none of this was actually ‘real’ either…

How easily it fell all apart! Anything built on fear, scarcity and limitation has to fall. How delicate, this construct of ‘reality’ that we all agreed to hold. Suddenly, all those sprawling, idealistic narratives we shared about business, politics, philosophy, psychology, economics and power – that hard, inscrutable thing we called ‘Society’ has shown exactly how frail and vulnerable and transparently weak it all is.

Saturn, after all, is an ageing, crotchety spoiler to our capacity to run free, and wild and live this life in joy and peace and love.

Is it because the old curmudgeon fears his own limitations so he works so hard to burden the rest of us with his restrictions? When you look at him objectively, you can see that the mirror he holds up for us is disturbing: a reality that is freakish, demented, deformed. Why do we accept it? Why do we choose to give Saturn the keys to lock us all away this way?

In my previous Newsletter (Feb 22) Titled “PISCES NEW MOON: Dare to dream the dream this universe always held for those on this planet.” I spoke about the baby boomers (Pluto in Leo gen), who refuse to come to terms with the ominous approach of their own mortality. We have denied our relationship to our own biological truth.

Then in my last newsletter (March 7) I wrote extensively about the Fall of The Soviet Union, which suddenly collapsed on 26 Dec 1991. At the beginning of that year, Saturn was again at the final degree of Capricorn, as it is now. If you remember, I went into some detail about what the collapse of a structure looks like (perhaps go back and read it – the subject line was “FULL MOON IN VIRGO: Are you brave enough to break through into the reality of this dream?”

Contrary to the mad panic, doom and gloom, I remain an optimist amid dystopians. I see a vastly different ‘reality’ from that of many. Those who share a relationship with me through this work, understand that I have always held that this ‘consensus-based’ society was nothing but a very flimsy stream of phoney information; a narrow bandwidth of low-fi data, soon to become disconnected – like when one travels underneath a bridge or tunnel and the wifi signal fades…

Don’t worry, another stronger signal shall replace it. Our chipper technicians are currently working on it. They have the new ‘hack’, ready to drop in, whenever…

Just know, the last generation of connectivity is all but gone. All things must end. “All structures are impermanent,” says the Buddha. Our inescapable mortality, this limiting condition of “life” is bound to ageing, sickness, and death, and if we own anything it is a body that is subject to being worn, torn and eventually rubbed away, to total dissolution and decay. How sad to see that people cannot accept that? How sad to see those still trying to run this world cannot let it go, allow someone who is more on the pulse, more connected, more capable, informed, creative and ingenious to take us to the next level. And how sad that we don’t have the courage to accept, endorse, facilitate, and assist to make this the planet of our dreams.

Or do we??
I will be here, live, around this time tomorrow to discuss the current crisis, the issues astrologically, and the (actual) year ahead, as we look at the astrology of the EQUINOX. Cosmic Bus, see you then xx

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  1. I so very much appreciate your insight and humour, always look forward to hearing 🙏

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