GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: Empowering Horoscope Message for the Aries New Moon


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This New Moon presents a golden opportunity to stand back from society a little and just reflect on how it’s going. the moment gives you a perfect chance to take a breath and be a little more critical about the wider collective context of what indeed is going down, both in historical and current circumstances.

Now, at this point, neither the past or present-tense looks particularly settling to you. You may feel inspired with ideas of change and reform, both in your social circles and the world at large. You might even wish to become more involved in socio-political issues, causes dedicated to moving the lot of human destiny along a little.

Try not to get too carried away, for as you may already sense, there are severely heavy forces threatening us all from gaining a clearer insight into the auspices of our future. Stick to the road immediately ahead, focus on taking one careful step at a time, knowing that it may be a road with which you are entirely unfamiliar with, perhaps barbed with all kind of blockages and gnarly limitations. You may deliberately wish to avoid familiar turf if it looks shaky at all, no matter how secure and comforting it may have been for you in the past. That ground is soon about to crumble.

If you are indeed grounded, which is rare, you will appreciate that a real crisis is erupting in the collective unconscious, affecting your entire sphere of ideas and ideals. Although you're brilliant enough and have the potential to contribute some original, perhaps irreverently radical projections about where you think is best to move on next, you’re also prone to clinging on to or taking on some pretty backward and stereotypic attitudes.

In the worst case, rather than risk declaring your own opinions, you may be inclined to fight along official party lines of some kind, follow some sort of political or spiritual narrative of a particular agenda or group to which you belong. This poses a danger, in that you could become enslaved by those ideas of others, not realising that in truth they only serve to hinder your own development.

Worse still, your petty allegiances could leave you open to ridicule and persecution, which might not serve you with the justice you deserve.

One way or another, you may eventually be forced to avoid or reject the herd mentality and go your own way. If you are truly on the path to discovering some sort of a progressive solution to today's untenable situation, you will dare to cross the divide between the past and the strange unknowns which lie ahead.

This New Moon will force you to accept your own limitations and imperfections of your thoughts, especially towards old friends and social communities. Let others find their own way rather than imposing your ideas upon them. Bridge the old with the new; embrace innovation without total rejection of the past; consolidate rather than tear everything down.

If you are not entirely conscious of what you are doing, you will come across to others as domineering, stupid, belligerent and overbearing. They will come after you later, as soon as you ease off your polemic stance.

Avoid trying to assert that you are in any way more than just any ordinary human being. That kind of delusion only incites them to test you, and though they may not be able to knock you out of the contest just yet, this stretches tension to the point of a marked vendetta on your head.

Ultimately, your intention should be to garner greater clarity, detachment, and a highly developed sense of your political and social potential.

Focus on your clever ability to articulately call out current trends within the collective that you see are useful. Building friendships and alliances are most important right now, and you are blessed with the opportunity to see the benefits of co-operation and allegiance with others, for the purposes of building a pathway to a more promising tomorrow.

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