COSMIC BUS Q&A (Live on 26 March)

In this episode, Ang answers questions from members of the tribe. Topics include:

  • the Saturn/Jupiter cycle transitioning from Earth signs to Air signs
  • the destruction of old precedents and introduction of the new Saturnian consensus reality
  • the Neptune/Uranus semi-square over the last 3 years
  • the extra-terrestrial flashes of insight from Uranus
  • the breaking up and dissolving of our current reality, soul-dissociation, false narratives, 5G
  • Saturn squaring Neptune/Uranus (May/June) bringing it all down
  • Upcoming Libra Full Moon square Jupiter/Pluto, and Taurus New Moon conjunct Uranus: A Big Wake Up Call
  • the extreme philosophies of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction
  • Mars entering Aquarius: factions, movements, group identity syndrome. Conjunct Saturn: making it matter.
  • the alchemy of Saturn/Pluto + Eris and the Survival of the Fittest
  • Ceres in Aquarius - breaking away from agriculture and production of goods, wealth redistribution
  • and many more astro tidbits...

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