COSMIC BUS Live Lunation Report: ARIES EQUINOX/NEW MOON (live on 19 March)

In this episode Ang discusses:
✦ The importance of the Equinox
✦ Domiciles, Rulerships, Exaltations and Falls
✦ Uranus/Venus in Taurus and the stock market crash, resource hoarding
✦ Saturn/Pluto square Eris: Survival instincts, the survival of the fittest, the collapse of the old order of things and the rise of the new victors
✦ Coronavirus outbreak around the Solar/Lunar Eclipses and the disintegrating effects on (what's left of) 3D society
✦ Mars exalted/Pallas Athena/Jupiter in Cap: militant actions, strategies and laws.
✦ the ongoing TRUMP phenomenon
✦ Jupiter/Pluto conjunction through 2020: the ignition of Firebrand Missionary and religious fanaticism
✦ Mars/Pluto, survival mania, fight to the death and the sacral chakra
✦ Aries New Moon w/ Chiron: healing through Aloneness
✦ The Aries equinox as the moment of birth
✦ Jupiter/Pluto and social responsibility as law- legally impenetrable boundaries
✦ Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius: society's entrance into a brave new level of reality
✦ Venus/Sun semi-square and issues of appreciation
✦ shifting into 4th-dimensional consciousness away from relying on technology, developing new skills in intuition and empathy
✦ great cycles transitioning from "earth" energy (industrial age) into "air" energy (digital age)
✦ many many more tidbits

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