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Mars in Sagittarius – Empowering Cosmic Scopes


Mars - our inner warrior, is out to defend our ground, maintain our boundaries, keep us competitive in the race for survival. In fiery Sagittarius (Jan 03 - Feb 16) the urge to impress beliefs or moral standards upon others, or to defend ourselves from the righteousness of other will potentially drive much of the action between us.

Watch how you stand to embody, run into, alongside or against those driven by their own high set of ethics and principles.

Ruler of Sadge, Jupiter, is currently in Capricorn, so there is a stern desire to convince others of one's truth and authenticity at all costs - be it in a heated argument; philosophical or religious discourse; an academic forum; a court of law; on the sporting arena; business proposal; political debate or in the wider world of nature and travel, or vision quest.

Much meditation (not pre-meditation) is advised if we are to arrive at a constructive outcome here. Contemplation is imperative.

Think wisely about matters before you enter any contest. Guard against making rash, grandiloquent assertions of your views and opinions, especially if you are of the Gemini, Virgo and Pisces kind.

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