Cosmic Bus Lunation Report – Full Moon in Leo (live on 31 January 2020)

In this episode:

  • The Saturn/Pluto/Eris conspiracy to define status, shutdown, isolate and alienate;
  • The underlying situation with the spread of the new coronavirus;
  • Uranus in Taurus and the emphasis on differences in Values;
  • Leo Moon at 20°00' on Sun Feb 09  2020, the drama and emotional insecurities highlighted by not getting enough "love & attention";
  • the positive sides to expressing healthy Leo traits and how to best attract/secure interests under this Aquarius Sun;
  • the "deal-breaker" with this Full Moon;
  • Venus/Chiron in Aries, healing matters of the wandering heart and the formation of 'wound-mates' or 'hurt-mates';
  • Mars in Sagittarius (out of bounds) - outspoken and wildly dogmatic;
  • Saturn and Mercury entering their Rx shadow; the increasing tendency to form friendships and join groups based on negative qualities;
  • empowering Full Moon tips on how to move through this very difficult period;
  • many many more Astro tidbits....

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