PLUTO square ERIS: Evolution Vs Extinction

[art: igor morski]

PLUTO SQUARE ERIS (Jan 27, Jun 15, Dec 11): Evolution Vs Extinction

Life is not a contest. Or is it?
In the stakes for survival, grandma and grandpa packed us with all they could to keep the species running. Barring the odd ‘mutant monster’ and the extreme ‘environmental swing’, our DNA generally gave us a fair chance to pull through. But then, we did say that 2020 was an ‘End Year’, and astrologers have seen the omens for all creation for years to come now.

The old edict “Change or Die” might sound a bit drastic, but yeah, it wouldn’t be news to anyone following this page, at least. I make no pardons for the severity of my tone over the years, but many have followed because their intuition was at least curious.

In the last Cosmic Bus, we spoke about the devastating cruelty of this transit, considering it comes with Saturn. Later this week we continue dissecting exactly what this means for us humans, since so many are shrouded in darkness and a conspiracy to keep us ignorant ……

History is not for the faint of heart. It’s full of cruel holocausts and wars and, as times have shown, those ‘chosen few’ who get to live through ‘interesting times’ have done so thanks to immensely supernatural shifts. They will live to write the history books. See you guys Thurs/Fri #CosmicBus

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