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VENUS/SATURN – Karmic Love

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Venus – our personal ‘power of attraction’ for people and things that may compliment us/ satiate our sensual desires now combines with Saturn – ruler of karmic law, of physical constraints and limitations.

During their (approximately) one-year cycle, the things we love to have in our lives; things that add value and embellish our lives, will come but they come hard-won. They will press us to make sacrifices, put us through trials, will mature and even age us and in the proceeds teach us lessons we will never forget.

It’s tough kind of love but, as always (with Saturn), it becomes character-defining. Through key transits in their synodic cycle, they show us the value of those things worth working for and they will highlight those things we best learn to just let go because either we or they are just too heavy or not up to desired standards.

“Nature wishes that woman should attract man, yet she often cunningly moulds into her face a little sarcasm, which seems to say, ‘Yes, I am willing to attract, but to attract a little better kind of a man than any I yet behold”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

By a seemingly preordained, deliberate intervention or arbitration, something or someone enters our world to help us to play out the karmic implications, the ‘matters’ brought into question whenever we engage with our sense of appreciation.

This occurs by sending out idiosyncratic affections and predilections as magnetic pulsations (Venus), like transmitting personally nuanced ‘heart-wave messages’ to the universe, a call out to say that “this is what I desire”. Saturn then responds by crystallising our intentions from mere magnetic heart energy into physical matter. Things/people/situations show up as if to test/measure/evaluate whether we have what it takes to meet or lose out in those requirements, how to work to acquire them if they are part of shaping our character and if not how we must eventually learn to let them go.

In typical Saturnian terms, whatever is entering our magnetic field is a physically transactional affair – there is often something pragmatic and practical that we must satisfy in order to qualify for the object of our desire (enough money, status, age, responsibility, capacity to hold and secure, etc). Saturn cuts tickets on Venus’ ‘love, peace and aesthetic sensibilities’. In short, he makes you pay a price in order to have something nice and like a merchant, procurer or pimp continues to collect dues, gradually raising the bar on expectations, tightening the screws, until you eventually come to question whether you can afford to have it any longer. (*Wherever Saturn’s conditionalities and rules are applied, all will eventually come to a definitive end, and to this effect, it’s often when the ‘love runs dry‘).


The last VE/SA cycle commenced on Feb 18, 2019 at 16°46′ Capricorn. After 10 months, it is due to commence again on Dec 11, 2019. Since Saturn is in rulership here, it would spell (yet another) year of harsh appraisals, conscientious judgements and parsimonious positions over our aesthetic and materialistic values, of duties and responsibilities in love-relationships/friendships, of functional objectives in business and marriage partnerships and generally in the kinds of bonds we form for the sake of furthering our career/social standing.

As usual, only the most robust, most dutiful ties and collaborations would hold, and these under pressure from the most stringent conditions. As in the previous 2 cycles (25 Dec 2017 to 18 Feb 2019 and then to 11 Dec 2019), those who tried to engage or invest in ‘frivolous follies’ or ‘easy rides’ experienced either a year of unrequited love-suffering or became forced into an entire year of frustration/separations/delays or involuntary celibacy.

A serious relationship, acquisition, investment, or enterprise can be borne or brokered of this moment.

Events forming at (or near) the conjunction between these two planets introduces the commencement of a relationship between two entities which, at its most critical stages, forces us to slow down and experience the real worth of our personal value system, and how it comes to manifest for us upon the linear plane of Saturn’s limited time/space we call 3D ‘reality’.

Critical quarters (square phases) of current cycle:

Dec 11, 201903:06Venus19°04′ConjunctionSaturn19°04′
Mar 03, 202009:45Venus28°25′SquareSaturn28°25′
Sep 02, 202005:18Venus25°54′OppositionSaturn25°54’Rx
Nov 19, 202004:29Venus27°26′SquareSaturn27°26′
Feb 06, 202100:08Venus05°54′ConjunctionSaturn05°54′

See the conditions upon which you assess and appraise both your own magnetism and allurement and that of those you draw into in your world. Saturn is a harsh judge and sets the bar on what it expects according to consensus trends. In this Capricorn cycle, social status and public acclaim are primary yardsticks.

At these most critical times, become aware of the choices you are making due to your cravings for love and companionship; your aesthetic and romantically-inclined decisions; your fears of being left lonely and unloved; the sacrifices and costs you make just to acclaim to ‘have’ the things you desire.

For those who resonate with these values it will bring the realisation of what love is all about. For those less given to the prize of social validation, it could be the dawning of a greater sense of isolation and feeling cut off from the mainstream.

The Venus/Saturn effect compels us to experience the limitations and restrictions that may come when we try to satisfy our heart’s desire. If we are inexperienced, inadequate or insecure, we often develop unhealthy, immature yearnings for something that was perhaps not meant for us. Often we are out of place, or our timing is out, or we have to pass a few tests, earn a certain level of credibility, or come back with more cash, or the right qualifications before we can be even considered.

The harder we work to acquire or hang on to this love, the more arduous our effort becomes. Often, and especially when we sense our resources to keep our interest are too limited or dwindling, things can turn punishingly cruel, although we often refuse to acknowledge and let go. We pledge to try harder, work harder to prove we can do it. After all, a certificate from Saturn is worth something out there.

This is a projection which is largely psychological and superstitious. It goes back to our basic programming of what society accepts as worthy markers of success in love and joy. We either have what is considered of value or aesthetic ideal or we must go through the hardening process of discovering that we probably don’t, even if we try, try, try. What Venus/Saturn teaches us is that on some level we are all somewhat prone to succumb or be disgusted with the synthetic measures that society imposes on us as to what constitutes good taste and markers of joy and happiness. Everything in Saturn’s world, even love, comes at a cost, and that is usually a frustration that we can’t always get what we want.

Such is the pressure that Saturn holds over Venus. Of course, it is necessary, for what we desire to satisfy us in the physical realm is limited. Hence we engage in some degree of effort to secure our prize. Whilst our resources last, we can continue to afford to keep it. At some time, however, we must accept that all the effort in the world cannot ever hope to secure the happiness that we so badly crave to ‘keep forever’.

The Venus/Saturn experience is real. It’s not a mere idea, or concept, dream or delusion. It’s a real, live, happening thing. There’s no question that it’s there. The only question is how you plan to keep it.

In true karmic sense, it is our ‘survival mindset’ which seems convinced that what we wish to have and to hold in our lives is somehow ‘fated’ for us. That special person, that well-positioned house, that prestige toy, that ultimate job or business is real, and it begs for us to do everything possible to pronounce it as ‘ours’.

It is this feeling that it was ‘meant to be’, and there is a ‘higher purpose’ or destiny for it being in our lives. And there is. From the start, a strong inner sense that this precious thing of beauty was tailor-made for us, from which we cannot possibly be without it, fills our spine with the upright fortitude to stand and make a claim, and with the motivation that we must do anything to have it. In the karmic course, we are prepared to pay any price, suffer any misfortune or shame to keep it, fearing that our world would crumble or that we would die if we ever lost it.

Something is driving it, but it is seldom a spiritual place.

Indeed, it comes from our parent-trained mind, ie. externally impressed values about what constitutes beauty, love, romance and enjoyment of life. The heart is groomed into shape by the exterior packaging. Hence, no matter how much effort we apply to obtain and secure such bonds, with Saturn holding the metronome of Chronos (time), there eventually comes a moment when those bonds will fail to satisfy our heart’s true desire. Whenever love is limited or it becomes constrained by conditions within the relationship, its natural desire must run out at ‘some point’. At some point, we must accept that we are doing all the work for it, whilst the relationship itself refuses to work for us – at least in the manner to which we come to expect it to work.

When the relationship itself becomes a chore, the heart will not willingly go there. Venus is generally looking for easy, not hard. Saturn is hard, but his advantage is that he holds the keys to her chastity. In any sense, when the heart is suffocated by his rules and expectations, it eventually dies.

As tough as it may be to accept any frustrations, delays, castrations and chastisements, our determination that it may one day deliver us to a place of peace and spiritual satisfaction becomes just as strong. We may set new measures, higher standards with greater incentives in exchange for smiles, hugs and affections. In any case, the love-work simply turns into a state of wretched desperation.

It is this rigid insistence to keep it, by increasing the measures, applying greater toil and struggle towards building walls and securities whilst offering sweeteners and packaged rewards we are caught up fighting a war against even time itself. Here, we can fight the rot of limited time by throwing every resource we have to keeping the object of our desire alive.

The most outlandish people try the most ridiculous looking means to keep it together. Since love is a joint experience between two persons. There is often a reason for them coming together, especially in transit. In my synastry sessions, I often see the indicators of whether two people have come together for a karmic/lesson-oriented experience, or whether they deserve one another for life, due to their inability to break the Saturn spell.

One feels that in his soul his love is a solitary thing. He knows a strange loneliness and it is this knowledge which makes him suffer. So either he must constrain his love within himself as best he can; a world so intense and strange, where he will crave and ache for any human creature on this earth. Or he may struggle to obtain a glimpse, setting impossibly unattainable goals for his prospective lovers, impossibly strict guidelines and parameters by it to live by, placing more frequent checks and balances, enforcing stricter rules of engagement and micro-managing the love-thing to the point where all pleasure and joy has become punishingly unpleasant to the ‘beloved’ and cruelly painstaking for the ‘lover’ to administer.

In this desperate process of securing love within bounds, love becomes both morbid and debased, held to ransom by a miserable madman who eventually has managed to take all the joy and natural beauty out of life. Eventually, love dies. Or it escapes into the hands of someone who will stand between us and its joy.

When we have turned a thing of innocent love into something stifled and stunted in its ability to radiate natural beauty, it eventually dries up and dies. Here, we must either choose to accept what it has come to teach us – that limitations of time affect all structures here on earth – however beautiful – and if we do not learn to love and release, we may never learn to really love at all.

Here, we may have to suffer the pain of loneliness and despair, or get over the grief of loss and try to love again.

The most profound lesson we stand to take away from any karmic relationship is to learn to love without fear of loss. If we could learn to overcome the effects of time, to say “love in the moment”, we would also learn to cease worrying. If things one day cease to make us smile, or fail to smile at us any longer, we must come to realise that we have crystalised and entombed to power of Venus.

Sometimes we may need to accept that a thing of beauty does not need to be any more useful to soothe us by its sheer aesthetic. Its function lies in its ability to make us smile, to ease our aching existential woes. The constant chastisement, separating force, the measurement judgement and appraisal from Saturn can crimp and crease and diminish Venus’ freedom to keep us connected to the abundance of love, the source where she draws her natural beauty.

Like cutting wildflowers, they will soon die when they are taken from their source. Saturn has this tendency to cut, place in his the vessel of his own devices, create an unnaturally placed ornamental piece, then try everything under the sun to arrest its development, preserve its aesthetic, just to keep it from changing. He is not content to walk through the wild fields and admire the beauty as it was gifted by the creator. He must enjoy it only on his terms, and for himself.

Kept in his denial and restraint, sooner or later his prized blossoms, picked in full bloom, will start to fall apart as they age. Eventually, they will wilt and die.

In this cycle, we come to discover the impermanence of all structures and plans to hold the things we love inside a bottle. Whilst all physical relationships require some degree of effort and responsibility to maintain, if this does not come from a bilateral agreement of mutual attraction, of natural affection and admiration for one another, of true faith to the integrity and beauty of each and both parties, then this becomes a relationship limited by materialistic interests and in this sense, the material limitations will soon harken its demise.

Beautiful things are there to be enjoyed, not be made useful.

This is not to say they can’t be. Much of our old, 3D economy runs on selling love and beauty. Initially, under an oath of allegiance, as contracted by Saturn, Venus soon learns to put her own feelings and desires aside for the sake of ‘doing what’s has to be done’. Sooner or later she feels that the pleasure and joy she naturally gives and receives becomes her solemn ‘duty’. She is sworn to become handy, durable, and faithful to the cause, devout enough to issue love and appreciation as it’s part of the relationship plan, the deal, the enterprise, the ‘sacred commitment’.

Gradually, the affection shifts to something that is more and more conditional and grooves into a familiar repertoire of tricks that will please and appease Saturn’s expectations. As the secular value of Venus matures, she becomes good for business. She develops an expertise at “putting out the goods”, more world-savvy, practised at the art of being desirous, important, worthy, useful and exquisite to have around. She turns her love into a business model. She forms a prestige label on her beauty, and like a fine wine, if allowed to mature under the right conditions, her value increases with age.

Some who have this combination in their chart are willing to defer joy and love altogether for a higher cause, like their ‘marriage’ to special career person or some chastising mission like the nunnery or monastery – where often they devote their lives to beauty, art, or counselling for their god.

Many others will seldom get their hearts involved with others unless it promises some form of social prestige, financial security or status. They are limited to some degree in their capacity to feel into love unless it provides some seniority or power in the corporeal sense. Those in the fashion and cosmetic industry; escorts, models, hosts and their ‘agents’; music executives, entertainment and art dealers; aesthetics designers; ‘sugar daddies’, playboys and influential aging lotharios, hussies & pimps; trophy wives and political marriages (of convenience) – in short, anyone who benefits by exploiting their natural flair for beauty, unscrupulously advancing their position in society using love, art and managing relationships has this combination.

It is often seen in bonds between two people with considerable age difference between them, where one acts as the more mature custodian of the other. The love is based on practical necessities vs social/sexual adornment.

Most common though, and this possibly applies to all the above types to some extent, it accompanies those lonely-hearts types who feel, at heart, ostracised from love and eventually realise that they must pay for every ounce of joy that they give or receive in life.

Eventually in karmic course, the lessons here are critical. We must learn to accept our own impermanence in this 3-Dimensional realm. We will all age and die in the 3D reality. That is certain. Along the way, we will learn that love comes at a cost, and for this, we will work, and we will pay.

However there is a difference between ‘aging’ and ‘growing up’. Aging is marked only by linear time. Maturity has a spiritual quality. You may get a fine qualification, job, career. money, house, wife, kids, public reputation, even fame. These may bring you a sense of fleeting joy, but they will not bring you maturity. If you are at all insecure about losing these things they will only make you age – if that is where your value system lies. To mature you must be able to enjoy life’s beautiful rewards without attachment or fear of losing them.

We must learn not become imprisoned by the prism of our own love-programming. It is in our upbringing that the structures of how we deserve to have love become defined. The relationship between Venus and Saturn in the chart generally indicates to what extent our love-nature has been conditioned.

True, spiritual love has no bounds. It must be allowed to dance freely both within us and in all that is around us. Constrained love is not true. To become true it must be allowed to flower to its maturity, as we too are allowed to dance freely alongside it. Only here, without fear or worry do we mature in our understanding that to continue this eternal dance with love we must also tend to the responsibilities of our heart, whose only mission is for us to stay creative, wild and free.

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