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  • Mercury slows to turn direct on Wednesday, effectively spending the entire week at 11°-12° Scorpio. After receiving a direct blast of Solar energy during last week’s conjunction, his capacity to see deep into the heart of the matter has increased exponentially.
  • Tuesday’s Last Quarter Moon (27°Leo) sets the stage for some compellingly dramatic performances, especially around power and the ‘ruling elite’;
  • benevolent planets Venus and Jupiter join forces at the end of his dominion of Sagittarius (27°09′ Galactic Center) to spread love, harmony and wisdom;
  • Mars enters ‘deadly’ Scorpio, and is at the bloody height of his ‘intolerance cycle’, in opposition to Uranus in Taurus.
  • Saturn/Pluto now closing to less than 4° from their 2020 partile conjunction
  • Meanwhile, our Sun bids farewell to the ultimately destructive constellation of Scorpio, arriving at his annual ‘conception’ (reset) point of 0° Sagittarius.

With all of the above, a certain death and rebirth is about to occur for each of us, perhaps in ways which none of us can even conceive… just yet.

After a month of skin-shedding, the excoriating effect of the Scorpio Sun has left exposed some of the deepest, darkest parts. Things hidden low, in the underbelly of our lives have surfaced to meet the light. But it’s not over…
Before he leaves the constellation on Friday, the Sun turns up the heat to 11…

Tuesday’s Last-Quarter Moon at 27°Leo14′

highlight moment of the week

…should provide the setting for one right-royal blaze. Where, among the huddled, weakened masses we expect a courageous, rugged maverick ruler to emerge – one who dares do the unspeakable and speak his/her truth with supreme, self-assured integrity, all we get is more cringe and cower. In response, we are quick to tear down with an irreverent sense of disgust and disappointment.

[artist: aykut aydogdu]

Scorpio has taken Leo down before; irrevocably changing everything. To do this, he waited long and silent, in the shadows – until his royal lioness became so carried away by her inner notions of superiority and omnipotence; until all perspective of objectivity was lost in her self-aggrandising illusions. He waited for her vainest moment of weakness, then he stung.

So now again he’ll pick his moment, deliberately waiting till she’s half-asleep, half-drunk on vanity, then strike using his supernatural depth of intelligence; his poignant questions, posed like a lethal injection, toxically fuelled by his own ruthless ambitiousness for power.

Of course, he knows that to sting the fiery queen to an untimely death will mean the whole damned kingdom that he wishes to control will come braying for his head,

but hey…
that’s Scorpio, right?
That’s just how he rolls…
right into the uncontrollable wildfires of Sadge.

SUN enters Sagittarius: Friday 22nd November

As the Sun turns his light onto the extraverted sign of Sagittarius – the third and most impersonal of all the fire signs – he energises those who want to be involved in causes, politics, academia, formulating laws and erudite ideas about religion or philosophy. Immediately we see why it’s not quite enough to dredge up dirt, we have to make something of it.

All sorts of generalisations and concepts come from piecing the pieces together, and in the next month, we will come to argue about what is the real truth and how to spread it in ways where everybody knows it. Of course, everybody is happy with their own ‘version’ of the truth these days, which can indeed be just a masterful deception. As Orwell wrote, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

It not unlikely that last week’s Transit of Mercury dragged up some serious dirt. In fact, if we only have a look at the surface yields of what that transit delivered, we can see that Mercury – our honorary postman – is now one step closer to blowing his cosmic whistle to forewarn us about some pretty devastating mail he’s about to drop.

Retrograde Mercury’s station, turning direct on Wednesday

We are about to broach the same intellectual terrain for the third time in just over a month. During this time, many undesirable feelings or emotions may have been excavated and dislodged inside many of us. It hurts or at least disturbs us to have such feelings. It hurts even more to have them be exposed.

[photo: Marta Orłowska]

In order to cope, our usual defence mechanism is to suppress, deny or subconsciously project them onto someone else rather than to own them. It takes enormous admission to acknowledge that we can possess such powerful feelings, especially for those things society condemns as being immoral or taboo. To move through this takes enormous levels of self-questioning and perhaps a compassionate ear from others.

Judging by the current swell of shame-blazing going on, it would appear as if humanity is still a long way from dealing with its ‘dirty little secrets’.

read more on MERCURY RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO: Looking deeply into the crisis.

Mars in Scorpio, opposing Uranus (Sunday)

If one can stand objectively, they can see how certain privileges, those taken with oblivious disregard for the suffering and subservience of others are wearing thin… particularly on those “others”. With Mars entering Scorpio hate and malice over feeling controlled builds into vengeance. Opposite Uranus, the desire for freedom and change at all costs could easily externalise in the shape of sudden rebellious incidents or “accidents” wherever there are direct assaults on morals, honour or sensitive feelings.

Some things will no longer be tolerated, and it’s taken Mars two whole years to draw the line.

Venus and Jupiter, galactivating our creative center

[painting: jana brike, “gardener and the centre of the universe”]

By the end of the week, Venus and Jupiter will meet at the Galactic Center (27ºSag09′). This is the center of our Milky Way galaxy and the Great Central Sun of esoteric spiritual tradition.

Our own causal body, which veils our true soul, is a mini-replica of the Great Central Sun. Every atom in manifestation is built upon this same pattern of energy spirals evolving in spheres within spheres.

Super-high-energy gamma rays are transmitted to our Earth from the supermassive black hole, 30 times the mass of our Sun, at the heart of the milky way. From its white-fire core, the simultaneous manifestation of Spirit and Matter provides all the necessary components for all forms of creation to exist. Here and only here can creation be born.

Scientists observe this black hole to be spewing out galactic cosmic rays with unprecedented energy, some millions of times greater than those produced in the world’s most powerful atom smasher.

Interestingly, in a 2009 study published in the journal ‘Current Directions in Psychological Science’, measurements showed neural correlations between the brain receiving bursts of Gamma Waves (40 Hz) and sudden comprehension in problem-solving moments which are deemed as an insight or an “Aha!” moment. Not sure what you think but here is a perfect time to test the thesis.

Venus and Jupiter, considered to be the two most benevolent planets, will conjunctly host a profoundly positive influence on all twelve planes of consciousness as found in the God particle – with its seven outer rays and five “secret” rays.

This week, let us be open to the universe’s news that this is a time of great, epochal changes to the way we think and perceive information. The cosmic insights and ‘Aha Moments’ are not to be missed. Conceptual thinking reveals something so simple, yet awe-inspiring, profound, and transcendent. Often, the greatest mysteries and secrets in life are right under our noses.

In spite of Saturn/Pluto’s threats of widespread corruption and decay, truth, peace and harmony shall prevail again – according to the exact blueprint of the universal source and creator.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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