THE WEEK AHEAD: Nov 11-17 – An Astrological Synopsis

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I know what you’re saying. How come all the transits lately are so intense? Take this week’s Mercury for example – not just your regular inferior conjunction to the Sun. This is otherwise a fairly common transit, usually occurring once every 166 days. And due to the tiny planet’s declination, it rarely (16 times a century) crosses across the face of the Sun. In fact, last time we saw a ‘Transit of Mercury’ was on May 9, 2016, when the little winged one flew along the Sun’s bottom hemisphere.

This year, Mercury will pass closer along the centre of the Sun’s face than any other transit this century. Appearing as a black dot, the full transit from left to right will last about five and a half hours. Of course, do NOT try to look directly into the Sun without the proper filters, or you will go blind. Or perhaps that’s exactly what Mercury is coaxing you to do because, on top of this spectacle, Mercury is currently retrograding through the ‘sinister’ sign of Scorpio. Talk about your intense, eye-opening/eye-poking transitions…

Here are the main transits for the next week (all times in UTC)

Given, Mercury’s retrograde passage through Scorpio (Oct 31-Nov 20) is challenging enough for many, since we all have something hide. In the fixed/water constellation, the ruler of communications helps those he contacts see, hear and smell ‘rat’ with the same nuanced judgement of a mature and seasoned owl. It’s a sixth sense thing, and under such keen powers of perception, you’re not likely to slip the slightest little trick past his cunningly investigative mind.

Read the full Mercury retrograde story here:
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Mercury’s transit straight across the heart of the Scorpio Sun on the 11th day of the 11th month brings out the dualism of Scorpio’s expression, which mysteriously operates both on the materialistic and metaphysical level simultaneously.

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The Sun is the authority in our world, and when we express ourselves with confidence during this Scorpio period, our zest for life takes on an added unique, almost mystical dimension. Mercury’s conjunction endows our authority x-ray vision into the soul, an agency of acutely penetrating discrimination.

He’s been observing your secret little world, and he’s about to unravel you. His perspicacity sees right through your phoney charades, and sham pretensions. Once he locks his nonsense radar onto his victim, he strikes biting criticism with startling accuracy. Direct, cutting and seldom gentle or forgiving, his analysis will leave you bleeding, in a creepy state of feeling maimed, outed and ready for the vultures.

A most pertinent character who comes to mind here is the detective Porfiry Petrovich, from Dostoevsky’s ”Crime and Punishment”. As the antagonist to the murdering Raskolnikov, Porfiry psychologically taunts him, tactfully playing a number of roles in the novel, all of which reveal how multi-faceted this character really is. He is not just an authority of the law, an investigator, a criminal psychologist, but he poses as a caring friend to Raskolnikov – a trusting confidante, and increasingly a healer and possible redeemer to his terrible crime.

Hence, he becomes the protagonist’s own shadow, leading him through an intense intellectual and psychological transfiguration as he skillfully appeals to his latent Christian morality, all in an effort to rehabilitate him. A good book to read between now and Christmas, just to get into the ‘spirit’ of things.

So here is the scenario for this week’s leading transits, which take us onto the Taurus Full Moon the following day (Tuesday 12th):

Confronting, yet strangely soothing in that there is support for us to transmute our problems.

Inside, we are aware. We are at least aware that someone; someone out there, is on to us. Aware of what? Aware of our own awareness. They see our ego, that crusty, yet flaky exterior of phony self-importance and its false motives; see through our precious yet frail little racket we got going on and are slowly converging in on us, coming to bring us wholly, truly and unapologetically unravelled. With sextiles to Saturn/ Pluto, the Sun/Mercury produces a supernatural level of pressure to come clean. We can’t hide from this one. None of us.

Another sextile from Mars to Jupiter gives us free rein to philosophically, religiously and morally open range and find “the right way” to deal with the hot issues.

Much corruption, pollution, toxicity, especially ‘in the mind’ gets pushed up to the surface. The process is of pure alchemy and part of a long series of subtle increments over these past few years to get us to awaken. As our awareness of our egotistical ways grows, the world also appears to be “getting worse”. Whilst this is not true, it’s probably because we’re becoming more and more conscious of the toxicity and corruption that has already been there for many years.

India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan all critically polluted in 2019.

It’s not that things are “getting worse”. It’s just that we’re getting more adroit at detecting all of our dysfunctional and reactive patterns, both within ourselves and of course, by projecting of our own shadow, within all others and the world at large. We even find the worst of the worst, post them as ‘leaders’ only to hunt down, incriminate and convict over ills we are all complicit in making.

As you may suspect, we have a little way to go before our earth seems restored and rebalanced. The Saturn/Pluto will take us into next year, only to be joined by Jupiter (expansion). It’s not as if those toxic habits will simply disappear as our awareness of them grows; we’ll just become more and more aware of them as the problem gets bigger and bigger.

On this Tuesday’s Full Moon – this very intensely penetrating lunation, now in a very turbulent earth sign (Uranus is also in Taurus) – we get the ultimate look into our reactive patterns, actually see them very clearly, both within and dancing around outside of us. We see what troubles us, and when we chase it down the rabbit hole, we find that what we see out there is actually a pattern deep inside ourselves. We become aware that this pattern goes deep, can be traced to past generations. We see how we merge with it, acting out with it, totally, until we own it, or it owns us.

It is from this place that we can help. Once we own something, see our own humanity in it – our frail ego-attachment to it – then we can begin to help ourselves deal with all the reactive patterns we have formed around it. Hence, negative motives such as jealousy, possessiveness, dominance and control can rise up to the surface to be dealt with and healed.

It is inevitable. Whether you have something inside or choose to project it outwards, whatever you’re trying to hide, deny, ignore or fear may one day come looking for you will hound you until you come clean. As Mercury passes in front of the purifying fire of Scorpio Sun, it is a good time to tune into what that might be and prepare to come clean (or to die hiding it).

Although the Full Moon (Sun/Moon opposition) brings these issues to the fore in our most intimate and significant relationships, the accompanying sextiles indicate that we will get the most benefit to deal with any crises from engaging in communicative relations with our relatives and friends.

I will be back, before the Full Moon, to host a more in-depth analysis of the current astrology on yet another episode of the Cosmic Bus, and also look out for our Newsletter (Tuesday). Below are your essential Empowering Horoscope Messages for this Taurus Full Moon.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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