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THE WEEK AHEAD: An Astrological Synopsis for Nov 04-10

No matter how heavy your heart feels,
how crushed your soul under the weight of what has been

and what obscurity may come,
those sullen strums of moonlit sorrow
leave nothing but the memory of your sad guitar.
And though your eyes speak only in the language of tears
wish I could change this world (and me) for you, I really do
to make you smile again; to see you feeling joyful and free
but only you can lift this dark cloud from storming over you
only you can clear the skies above, my child…
…reach for the stars.

[photo: marta bevacqua, mode: cloe simoncioni]

Another thriller week ahead, due mostly to the square between malefics Mars & Pluto, even with harmonising Venus at their midpoint. Venus finds herself under social duress with inconjuncts to Uranus and North Node – a faux ‘yod’ that really pushes the envelope. Meanwhile, Saturn and Neptune form their third and final sextile in sympathetic harmony to the intense Scorpio Sun, while Mercury now picks up speed in his first week retrograde.

So much to talk about in this week’s astrology of now…

Here are the main transits for the next week (all times in UTC)

Mars/Pluto and the Last Quarter Square:

Hot on the heels of Monday’s (fixed) First Quarter Moon is another square that promises to break stuff, that between the two co-rulers of this month’s tenacious Scorpio Sun and retrograding Mercury.

Both Mars and Pluto are considered ‘malefics‘, since they don’t necessarily help us to express our prettiest side. Both are involved with preserving our survival and endow us with the power for ‘fight, flight or freeze’, Mars governing over the personal and Pluto over our entire DNA lineage.

During the Sun’s passage through Scorpio this month, the sting is on to make executive changes in our lives in order to secure our survival. With rulers ♂ □ ♇, wherever necessary, we see individual boundaries being ruthlessly defended or crushed, often at all costs against the insidious intentions of a larger body that seems to have its designs over us. Ugly scenes can occur, and where there is an absence of consciousness, it can mean a fight to the death.

Pluto’s imposing compulsiveness to control and dominate the individual will, using whatever force necessary, is getting a little suffocating. Sparing no consideration for the relative peace and well-being of others, taxing or enslaving peoples’ energy without justified representation, ultimately leads to a violation or abuse of their individual freedoms. Even if Mars is currently at his weakest in the politically correct (PC) sign of Libra, he will still make a fight of it, albeit diplomatically.

Pluto in Capricorn: The Impermanence of All Structures

[pic: Kelsey Johnson]

Pluto’s blind ambitiousness through Capricorn shows no sign of easing up. His mania for ascent to the top seems ever more bolstered by the current conjunction to Saturn’s institutionalised structures, boundaries and upholding governance. Hence, the government of nation-states, the global dominance of corporate brands and the mass manipulation of people’s beliefs by religions are reaching the absolute peak of their authority. Last time Saturn and Pluto happened to conjunct in Capricorn was in January 1518, around the birth of the Westphalian system of nation-states, considered by man to be our highest level of organisational structure. As this draws to a close, it gives rise to a new, a postWestphalian era in which international organisations become increasingly independent sites of authority.

Planets transiting through Capricorn seem to be relentless in their plight to reach the ultimate summit. Saturn and Pluto in collusion at the Capricorn South Node may manifest as a conspiracy for organisations to govern by the most ruthless and unstoppable ways. Whilst those in control consider power, money, status and prestige of their kind as the ultimate prize, their acquisition of this often implies that our nature will suffer.

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.”

― Maya Angelou
[pic: Kelsey Johnson]

Every day we see greater evidence of the ‘globalised machine’ trying to eliminate our precious rainforests, thereby extinguishing vast opportunities for natural biomimicry and pharmacology. Large corporations, backed by government officials are behind damming every river, sucking dry every major underground water reserve, scraping off all topsoil and making hundreds of animal, insect and plant species extinct every day. Every day we are seeing evidence of extreme disasters; especially uncontrollable fires in prime regions. Humanity and their insidious consumeristic greed is currently behind the undertaking most of these destructive actions. 

It seems, that from this point on, the future of both our mother Earth and we, as its human inhabitants, are inextricably linked due to our size and power to mess with nature’s natural selection process.

The last time such great Westphalian (or patriarchal) ambitiousness happened was when Pluto was in Capricorn, 245 years ago (1762-1778). Back in those days, it was unclear which empire: European, Chinese, or Indian would go on to dominate the world. Europe had the sophistication and innovativeness to turn their abundant coal reserves into fuel, to power their steam engines and invent machines to make labour cheaper. China had paper money and lots of bright ideas for interconnectedness, while India just had lots and lots of cheap labour. Uranus entering Aries in 1759 meant the world was about to experience a whole new cycle of discovery and innovation – the ‘Industrial Age’. All the power and excitement incentivised firms to invent technologies that substituted capital and coal for labour and created BIG MONEY to the capitalists.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the world, a long-endured frustration with the interminable ambitiousness of imperial powers lead to the American Revolution on April 18, 1775. This would give rise to what would become not only the greatest capitalist nation in the world, the USA, but near the end of its Pluto cycle, we can see a long history in America’s over-arching efforts to play world police.

Interestingly, both Uranus and Chiron were transiting the exact same constellations of Taurus and Aries, respectively. Not only was there a sudden shift in economic values due to the advent of coal-steam power and the expansiveness of the Industrial Revolution, but folks were more likely to assert themselves in shameless and bold new ways.

[art: john martin – the destruction of sodom and gomorrah]

In the past 250 years of fierce industrialist competition, fuelled by coal and later petroleum and uranium fuelled technologies has produced intense toxicity to this planet, both environmentally and psychologically through wars, and the prevalence of many profoundly stressful traumatic disorders.

What we are faced with is a planet literally drowning itself under the toxicity of many supernatural forms of pollution. The result today is that many major cities in China, India and the Arab States are beyond safe levels of human liveability.

The conjunction to Saturn

This week’s transits only intensify our individual need for attention to the big themes precipitating as Saturn draws closer to its epochal conjunction to Pluto (Jan 2020). The wholesale toxicity of power structures affects us at the most personal level. All around the world, alarm bells are ringing as we grapple between trying to sustain a healthy individual existence (personal survival) versus the marching global force of natural capital conversion that we have unleashed.

Our species population has rocketed exponentially from 2.5 billion to 7.5 billion in just 75 years. Our preferred operating system of capitalism and consumption means that our biosphere does not stand a chance. 50 years after the UN’s 1972 Stockholm declaration, which has decreed that the natural assets of this dear planet must be safeguarded, the accelerating degradation of the biosphere is bringing us to critical levels of mass destructions.

The warnings are there. Something is, structurally, very out of balance: Pluto’s square to Mars in Libra only accentuates the disparate nature of how this toxic, fractured nation-state system that we are living under is clearly not protecting our precious biosphere.

Venus joins the fray this week, forming a midpoint from moralistic Sagittarius, trying to approach peacemaking in a principled and righteous way. Her inconjunct to Uranus raises significant awareness of the inconvenient truths that our entire value system is out of bounds with the earth’s nature. Her influence over Mars/Pluto agitates the third and final straw in a cycle that began in May 2018 when the two malefics were conjunct. We can no longer stand and must find a way to handle or eliminate those who try to dominate and coerce us, in every relationship, personal or business.

Whilst the Saturn/Neptune sextile has hinted that we must look towards developing global assets that knows no national boundaries, these must be given global protection if they are to prosper and proffer us with the greatest chance at regenerating and transforming this planet into a sustainable system. Although we are months away from gaining any traction on this, we have the essence of information to make a change. Even the dumbest of us are starting to realise that something is not working under the current system. Even the most ignorant among us are starting to open their eyes to their individual complicity in the destruction of the biosphere.

Yes, there are those who will always be in denial. There is always that one who is primarily stuck in the mindset of self-interest and personal greed. These individuals will either become crushed by the mass or have amassed enough power to destroy us all. It is hard to say which way this will go.

In any case, this week raises a dire warning that it’s time to bolster up our self-determination and work towards designating our personal efforts to fight global corruption and pollution. It’s time to look towards creating a global authority which governs over the healthy rebalancing of the earth’s biosphere, equipped with laws that overpower that of mere nation-states, religions and corporate organisations and their blinkered, ruthlessly destructive agendas. 

The week begins with this First Quarter Moon’s dire awakening to our humanitarian crisis.

Someone, some collective body, needs to step up and make decisions based on human life-cycles much greater than any employed by the limited, existing structures of government. Perhaps this is why dictatorship is very appealing to many during Saturn/Pluto transits. We must look at benevolent forms of totalitarian regimes, ones that incorporate the latest technologies to network minds without the infiltration and interference of centralised platforms. Ironically, in the Aquarian Age, the answer to our future lies in the singularity of a perfected algorithm.

It is time for us to reimagine the future of this planet, to dare go to places never before ventured, even in our wildest dreams. Saturn/Pluto is now in orb of their conjunction (<06°), Whilst the partile occurs only in mid-January, this will be a major theme throughout next year as faster planets, including Jupiter, form hard aspects to their potent midpoint on a weekly basis. This means that themes around governance and control become the only talking theme amongst us.

It is time for humanity to explore the brave new frontier that is global governance. Nations will crumble and empires will dissolve under the pressure of critical events both current and ahead of us. We cannot become distracted by the politics and the monkey-minded madness we see on the news. Those people are unqualified psychopaths. We cannot control the poison they proliferate alone, or in minority possies of protesters.

To this aim, we must step up beyond our own 3-dimensional limitations of stupidity, scarcity and greed. We must be altruistic and brave, embracing profound new supernatural powers of higher dimensional thinking. A reach into the collective mindset, one that is here-now, that promises unity in action to manifest the dream that this planet always held for its inhabitants. There is immense pressure on us all, as a humanity, to succeed in upholding our greatest intergenerational obligation: to maintain and regenerate the Earth’s biophysical integrity so that new growth, new humans can be sustained on this planet.

The long-dreaded 2020, and its epochal harbingers will prove that we are truly at end times. How we choose to play into the new beginning depends on how quickly we can overcome our survival-minded differences and overcome this fence-building separateness between us. Maybe this sounds utopian, but the alternatives are disturbing and harrowingly close to being real.

This week, returning from extensive travels through India, Nepal and Greece, a kind of personal ‘field study’ of what’s happening in the world. With Mercury now retrograde, it’s a perfect time to reflect and apply valued first-hand experiences, an enriched understanding of what’s going on here on this planet. Certainly, it will benefit my work over the next, very intense few months. With Eclipses only weeks away, I see the astrological landscape for 2020 as a minefield which will be very challenging to navigate through for many folks. I plan to travel again next year, not sure where. Of course, I am always ‘here’ for my faithful tribe of clients, subscribers and followers of these posts, holding no beliefs or preferences, just careful observance and inquiry into how we can use our empowerments to make improvements. I wish you will join us in this effort to make a difference.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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