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Was it all just a dream?

Suppose your world is really just an illusion, after all.

At best, just a subjective film adaptation of how you choose to perceive it, through your own personal movie lens.

Even if you were the most brilliant scientist, who had all the latest intelligence about how everything works, what you might be seeing is still just your own version of a dream. It might be a very detailed, intricately elaborate understanding, but after all just someone’s interpretation, really. Through your eyes, it is still just an experience of a dream. Invariably, in the eyes of the next guy, there is a whole different story, a whole entire different movie playing.

Just imagine, in every mind resides a-whole-‘nuther world. An entire universe exists within each mind, each respectively filled with its own unique cast of players, each acting out a very complex drama, each against a special backdrop of very specific pictures, props and locations, each contributing some valued importance to each individual’s dream…

And in the centre of that dream is you – the lead character.

And another thing…

The entire framework used to keep this dream in place is somewhat skewed to match the limited capacity of your otherwise amazing mind, as it attempts to structure and organise this universe into some semblance of intelligible order.

Some people’s structures seem more functional and linear. These would serve to translate the dream very well, in ways which many of us can understand. And then, others’ structures are just so damned messy that it is a wonder that even the individual’s mind itself has any idea what the hell is going on in there.

The question now is whether the dream that you see, in fact, makes any sense to others. Can it possibly translate into the common world of anyone else, particularly in such a way where others can not only understand and accept you? Or are you feeling increasingly misinterpreted, misunderstood, increasingly isolated and just wanting to withdraw?

Time to assess one thing. If it is all just an illusion, just a projection of your dream, just how well is it working out for you? Are you living an amazing dream? Or, do your efforts appear to have been in vain?

Ok. So unless your projected vision is coming from a place of groundedness, healthy scepticism and an ability to remain detached from personal fancies and assumptions – you might have some issues with what is about to unfold within your precious dreamworld.

What do you believe about that?

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