Gemini/Gemini Rising: Empowering Horoscope for MARS in SCORPIO

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Mars in Scorpio Horoscope Message for Members Below:

In one sense, this Mars in Scorpio now affects you in such a way that you tend to resent others for telling you how to do things. Yet, unconsciously, deep down, you want the advice.

Sure, you want to demonstrate your independence. This may present a conflict around how much you should do with others and how much you should do for yourself. This is a good time to consider the external circumstances that seem to draw upon your energies.

You may act with some extreme ruthlessness against people who seem to be there just to use you. Remember that it is you that invites them into your life to do just that sometimes. Mars and Scorpio can make you excessively critical both of yourself and how much you expect from others.

Try to be mindful of becoming judgemental, especially when your expectations are unreasonable. Remember, those lofty ideals that you vehemently struggle to attain right now exist mostly in your mind. You will learn, one way or another, to be kind and gentle with yourself. When you do learn to exercise some compassion, you’ll see a dramatic change in the way that you view your entire world.

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