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Astrology of Now: Nov. 29. 2019

[art: nyssa sharp]

Your heartbeat alters dramatically, and your blood starts whispering to you in ways that can be neither explained nor ignored. You know something is odd here. Like the overwhelming sensation that you should call your aging mother, or tend to your troubled baby at once.

Instincts are huge, but such is the power of your rational mind that it often tries to bargain with you otherwise. It seeks to rationalise a way out or convince you to disregard or neglect the very thing your heart is screaming for you to attend.

These lunations are huge. Somehow, time and again this year, the signs were there. The warnings sounded, again and again, month after month and maybe you listened, perhaps you uttered something to someone, but then you thought better of it and…

…well what?? What did you do? How did you act? Did you just pass it off, assuming it was nothing? Or did you wait to see a bigger sign, more proof or someone else to do something? Yeah, others… they’ll do something. Surely a whole crowd of them can pull in and take care of it, even if it is clearly; at least partly, your responsibility.

It’s hard to accept that we still live in such a dark and fucked-up little universe. Hard to believe that there are serious violations and perversions going on against others – especially when we ourselves are assuredly quite safe. But while you were asleep, standards have been slipping. And while you weren’t directly involved, shit’s been going down that’s been quite concerning with regards to the freedom, safety and prosperous well-being, not just of others, but eventually everyone… even you.

I know this all sounds a bit dark and depressing but you should listen. Not to me. But when all logic seems obscured and you got is your gut instinct – that primal emotion shared by every living being, then you should listen. Listen and act accordingly. Act, before it smears away the face of your entire future…


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