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Astrology of Now: Nov. 27, 2019

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With great distortions comes great irresponsibility.

Some people act as if the mountain they carry on their back is no big deal and refuse help, while others as if their pimple is a mountain they shouldn’t have to carry.

Either way, loads of unnecessary grief and suffering.

It’s not karma, it’s just needless nonsense.
See things as they are.
Deal with them responsibly.

Sorry to tell you this, but…

..that which you fear and which you dread; that which you hold in highest contempt; which disgusts you and which you so furtively try to avoid – that’s your portal to enlightenment.

Facing that, seeing it for what it is and actually dealing with it, now – in real-time with real responses – that’s your only way to true redemption.

Don’t lie to yourself, or try to lie to me through your new age spiritualism. Your high-vibing, “follow your bliss” bullshit is why you’re sad right now. Keep this up for much longer and prepare to go through the most heavy depression that you will ever come to know.

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