Astrology of Now: Nov. 23, 2019

Sooner or later you’re going to have to do something yourself. Nothing is going to change without you taking a stand for what you know to be true for you. Nobody is going to step in to speak for you.

I look at the people, say in Hong Kong, who have been at it, every day now, since June. They know that there’s no other way but to put everything on the line to maintain integrity. They know they cannot allow these Dicks™ to silence the ever-loudening inner voice and hence fall prey to their unyielding designs to control their spirit. They cannot consciously accept any more of their top-level lies and propagandish agenda to completely remove individual choices and corralle them into pliant little boxes of confinement.

Each one of us has only one responsibility – to listen and do what the inner voice is screaming for us to do.

For a while, the screws will turn tighter and tighter until it feels like all freedom is suffocated. Saturn in Capricorn is currently on steroids and is likely to turn psychotic if his ‘rule’ is disobeyed. It’s the Saturn/Pluto thing. Eventually, he will break loose into Aquarius. We’re going to have to work at finding solutions that will benefit everyone equally yet still celebrate individual diversity.

That’s not going to happen if we just go along, try to fit into that which doesn’t feel true. Hindsight is full of shameful witchhunts. Nor can we sit and watch those who dared to be different, who tried to make a difference for all just getting dragged away…
Spite, jealousy, contempt and intolerance are rampant in the world. They are abetted by internet companies who allow us all to speak nonsense, lies and project our venom – if that should be part of our constitution. It is not their fault. They merely provide the roads which we can either use to expedite trade or march to war. The roads are merely a facility. However, we must be mindful that they are built and maintained by those who observe and harvest energies based on our own emotional desires.

If we want to use the technology for harm, if we want to be harmed by the tech, we must stand by idly and let it take over without checking ourselves, without seeing how certain individuals are likely to abuse it.

Not sure (yet) about the exact date of the event horizon, but the algorithm of Artificial Intelligence will one day become either the greatest democratic ruler or the greatest weapon of the autocratic monster. If we are smart, we can see how this can go either way…

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