Aries/Aries Rising: Empowering Horoscope for MARS in SCORPIO

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Mars in Scorpio Horoscope Message for Members Below:

Since you’re finding it harder to find an outlet for your frustrations, your tension and stress become internalised now.

Most of the anguish you’re feeling is due to the subtle way that you’re tuned into other people’s desire nature, finding it difficult to discern the difference between their desires and your own. Telling you to slow down, back off, or take time-out is only likely to frustrate you even more. But as Mars moves through Scorpio, you might begin to sense intimacy or sexual difficulties, since all the internal anguish and stress only increases your fear of rejection by your mate. This, you quickly and subconsciously associate with a fear of abandonment, desertion or even death itself.

Nasty stuff.

This creates a tendency to cut yourself off from many of the joint activities with others that would otherwise bring you much joy. Just know, the more that you deny yourself any fulfilment, the more you become secretly jealous of others. You ensure that these feelings develop into beliefs that others are more privileged or more satisfied than you. They may even develop into particularly destructive methods of behaviour. You don’t want it to get to that point.

It’s important to watch how you act during this time. Since you are essentially experiencing the deepest motives and desires of others in your world, you can use this mars placement to manifest the dream that you are intuitively sensing from others at the deepest level. This will not only transform you, but all those around you too.

So, rather than feeling confronted by the need to overcome your own physical desires, especially by isolating yourself from the world, learn to master your own needs by giving back in the most constructive way you can.

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