FULL MOON at 20°14′ ARIES: Precariously Poised or Torn Between Extremes?

There’s not a lot more that I want to write about this Full Moon which has not already been covered (astrologically) in our recent Newsletter and cosmobiologically during the past two episodes of Cosmic Bus. I trust we’ve blown the whistle on the Libra Sun/Aries Moon dynamic, whose T-square from Pluto, and sextile/trine from Jupiter pushes any secretive agendas out into open so we can see what’s truly going on.

It’s about total control.

How much do you have it; how much do you want it? How much are you under it and how much are you in it?

Yeah, utter and complete control.

Let’s look at Pluto in Capricorn as holding this lunation to ransom. Let’s look at who are the hidden forces which rule the organised habits and opinions of the masses by conscious and intelligent manipulation. They certainly play an important role in today’s ‘democratic’ society. Let’s look at big business, for instance… Let’s look at big tech – who gave us global social networking; who gave us an online marketplace; who gave us fake news about fake actors, to the extent where we don’t know who is who anymore. Big tech, who gave us kakistocracy and barefaced lies; big tech, who gave us an addiction to an all-consuming gadget which now threatens to corrupt and manipulate every morsel of creativity left in the world.

Let’s look at Jupiter in Sagittarius as our opportunity to learn the truth. In almost every facet of our daily lives, be it the sphere of politics or business; our social conduct; our ethical and moral beliefs we are being dominated by a relatively minuscule amount of largely invisible individuals, whose powerful algorithms understand the mental nuances and detailed social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the strings that control the sway of power of the collective mind.

They who manipulate the algorithms, control this unseen mechanism which controls all of society. They constitute an invisible government, which holds the true ruling power over the masses. The 24/7 reality TV theatre in which you so performatively engage is mainly there for your political distraction.

Are you aware who is making the critical decisions of your life? Do you mostly feel cheated or empowered? Do you feel honoured and respected or do you get the sense that you’ve been lied to; kept in the dark about what’s really going on with the bigger issues in life?

Coming out of the surreal-ifying fog of this year’s Jupiter/Neptune’s squares, we are now heading for the ultimate reality check, anticipated by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction around the Dec/Jan eclipses.

Indeed, our bus journey is becoming ever more interesting. I trust that you are all on board for an amazing ride….


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